Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

As you all know, Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI started on Friday with the big parade on Saturday. What I brought you today are some photos I took before and during the parade. I neglected to take photos of the trash that was EVERYWHERE after said parade, but I'm sure you can figure out how much there had to be from some of the photos I did include. Now I don't drink so I usually get to see the funny parts of the partying atmosphere as you can see. Enjoy!

This is literally the calm before the storm. No people, just cars.

It's filling up. The street is closed to auto traffic and people are starting to gather. This is a 4 lane street too, so you can imagine the amount of people in the vicinity.

These two girls apparently were planning on too much alcohol consumption so they put their names on their clothes. Yes, I know them and I haven't spoken to them. I hope they didn't lose their clothing!??! They might have forgotten who they were.

This was the year of unique fest wear. Here's one groups' take on their goals for the weekend.

This just proves that alcohol makes people fight. These two definitely had a bit much to drink.

I'm not even sure what to say about these guys. They are very happy. ?

How much alcohol does it take to forget to find a bathroom?

Let me have it! I know you have something to say.


  1. This is perfect!! I want to know what the gloves are for on the middle way too happy guy..