Saturday, September 18, 2010

How I Loathe Teacher's Pets

I always have. What, you ask, prompted this statement? Why, the teacher’s pet in my Accounting class, that’s who. The little varmint that decided to start monitoring everyone else’s posts in the class is who I’m talking about. Let me explain.

I go to school online which is called Blackboard. We also have a discussion board for everyone to participate in discussions with fellow students. All my classes are online including all my math classes and at my age, that’s a bit scary. I am currently in two classes and one of them is going to kick my ass. It’s called Statistics. Yikes! I’m wondering what I got myself in for with that one. My other class is Accounting 1. Accounting 2 will come later. I hope she isn’t in that one.

Below is one of her missives and this one was for me. I am not alone in her monitoring, she monitors everyone. She finds it her job to correct people on their posts. I find that hard to deal with. I am not perfect, and I know I’ve written things that could be considered rude, but when she takes on the job of correcting people before the instructor does, I have a problem.

“Hey Christina,
Just wanted to let you know that the transaction you used was already used by *******. You might want to check with the Professor to see if you have to redo it using a different transaction.”

Now is that her job? It just so happens that the person she’s referring to that I “copied” posted just a few moments before I did. That means I would not have seen her post before submitting mine. And the instructor commented on mine as though I was spot on with my post. She had to have seen that I had the same transaction and did not tell me to choose a different one, but the teacher’s pet did.

I may have to consider getting my bat out again. I really don’t care for teacher’s pets. If you are one, hit “Next Blog” and do it now!


  1. OMG, ew ew ew!!
    I've been using the Bb discussion boards for many of my classes (even the ones in person!) and EVEN IF you'd PURPOSELY done the same thing as someone else, it's not THAT CHICK'S effing place to SAY something to you about it but rather the PROFESSOR'S place.

    Gosh, I really hate "those" people.
    These are the times when it's a DAMN good thing that's an online class. They frown upon bloodshed in person. Maybe you should mention it to the prof and say that your patience is wearing thin and that you're going to try to play nice but that rubbed you the wrong way? I had to do that... sorta... with the "stupid chick" in my history class. Prof dude called her out the very next class period!

    (I expected to see a post about a student like me but I'm glad it's not about a goody two shoes who pipes up in class and just wants to get a dam A lol

    sorry to hijack!!

  2. I loathe the teacher's pet too. It just so happens though, in my faculty, it would be so much easier for me if I could kiss the right ass...I'm just sayin'...sorry, had to use the title of your blog, I love saying that!