Friday, September 10, 2010


That morning I was getting my youngest ready for school and had CNN on as usual. I remember hearing the tone of the news person’s voice change to fear. After all, they were in New York too. I was in total shock. I could not believe what I was seeing. What a day.

What struck me as even more unbelievable were the stories I heard about those directly involved. Here are two that made me realize how small this world is.

The first story I heard was of two friends who were going to fly to Los Angeles for vacation. One of them was taking her young daughter. I believe she was about 8. When they went to purchase the tickets, there were only a couple of seats left on one of the flights and because of business scheduling; the friend would go on the later flight. They decided to fly that way instead of postponing their trip.

That morning, the mother and daughter boarded the plane and took off for L.A. The friend boarded her flight about a half hour later and that flight took off. What happened next is something the whole world is aware of. These flights were connected in a very tragic way. One plane carrying the mother and daughter hit one tower and the plane carrying their friend hit the other. What were the odds that would happen? Of all the flights the terrorists could have hijacked……

The other story that sticks out in my mind was the story of a father and son. The father worked, and still does, at the Pentagon. He had taken the day off because his son would be boarding a plane for a school trip to San Diego. After he saw his son off on the plane, he hit the links for a few rounds of golf. He had just teed off that morning when he received a call from someone at the Pentagon asking him to return to work. There had been a terrible event. It wasn’t until he arrived that he found out a plane had hit the Pentagon. It hit the wing that he worked in and he would have been killed had he been at work. No one in his office survived. Not long after that he found out that the plane that hit the Pentagon was the plane that carried his son.

When I hear stories like this I know we live in a very small world. What are the chances that any of this would have happened? Were they people singled out in some sort of karmic way? Were they part of a bigger picture? I don’t know, but I do know that we should all be thankful for every day we have.


  1. I've read that our brains are so constituted to recognize relationships that we imagine them when they're not there. Let's say that someone I haven't seen since high school flies to Hawaii on the same plane on the same day that I do, and that we are assigned adjacent seats. The odds are obviously miniscule, yet the odds of us flying to Hawaii exactly eleven days apart, and him sitting in seat 4F and me in seat 12A are exactly the same.

    Or, let's say you throw a coin twelve times, and it comes up heads each time. The odds are again miniscule, yet the odds of you throwing two tails, three heads, one tail, one head, four tails, and one head, in exactly that order are the same.

  2. These stories make the hair on my arms stand on end...but I still think they have to be told.

  3. I watched a show today about it where one man escaped the tower that he was working at before they fell with the sheer determination to get home for his 11 year olds birthday that same day. Later her found out that his oldest daughter and granddaughter were on the plane that hit his building. So sad.

  4. I remember the details of that day too, very clearly. Beautiful post.

  5. I've never heard those.. so sad.. I think I might have rather been at work.

  6. I've never heard those.. so sad.. I think I might have rather been at work.

  7. These are fascinating stories within the story. Thanks for sharing them! It is really too sad for words...

    p.s. I love the new look btw of your blog! So far it's my fave!