Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday Train


Hi everyone! As a reminder, here are the rules for the Train...

1. You must have the button on your sidebar if you are just linking your blog. If you are linking a specific post, it must be on the post. You can find it on my sidebar or my co-host's sidebar at This Little Family.

2. You must follow the hosts and to help everyone gain some followers, the blog in front of you and the blog after you. This will help everyone and may help make new friendships.

Your entry will be deleted if you do not follow the 2 rules listed above. We want everyone to have fun, know what hop they are on, and gain friends. This will help accomplish that.

So I'm waiting on some things from my school and it's been a while. No communication for what I need to know about the Bachelor's degree. If you know me, you know I don't have much patience for people who aren't on my schedule. Yeah, I know. Get over it. Hey I'm trying to have patience. It just seems like every time I want something I get told too bad so sad. Since I've been listening to that all my life, I'm sick of it. Oh well, it will be what it is.

Enjoy the day! Join us for a great hop. This will be fun. Hop on for the ride.

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