Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Train



As you may have noticed, there are two buttons here. That's because we are changing the button for Tuesday Train. Starting next Tuesday, September 7th, we will only be using the second one. So grab the new button, don't forget to post it somewhere on your sidebar, and climb aboard. We are gaining riders every week and I look forward to seeing you there. Here we go!

Welcome to the Tuesday Train. I'm looking forward to another great day for a ride. So hop on and have fun!

These are the rules for the hop today!

1. You must have the button on your sidebar if you are just linking your blog. If you are linking a specific post, it must be on the post. It is the only way people will find us and that will help you gain followers too.

2. You must follow the hosts, I'm Just Sayin' and This Little Family. To help everyone gain some followers, follow the blog in front of you and the blog after you. This will help everyone and may help make new friendships.

Your entry will be deleted if you do not follow the 2 rules listed above. We want everyone to have fun, know what hop they are on, and gain friends. This will help accomplish that.

Please join us. Enter your info in the linky at the bottom of this post and I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. I linked up today! Nice to meet ya :-)

  2. Ohh! New button! Love it. Hope you are having an okay week so far - thanks for hosting again!!

  3. I got it to work! Please don't ask me how because I did the same thing I've always done but, yay me!