Friday, August 6, 2010

Missing Blogger Alert!

I have been missing a certain blogger for over a week. Oh where oh where did she go? I am completely mystified by this. I know she went on vacation to California, but I don’t think she’s checked in once. Not one time. How can she do this to us? What is wrong? Is she having so much fun on vacation that we have all become chopped liver? I don’t know about you all, but I’m having serious, serious withdrawal pains. I may have to be hospitalized. If you see her, report it to me ASAP.

She’s a really hot brunette who goes by the pen name of One Crazy Brunette Chick. She has the mouth of a sailor but she’s really hiding a heart of gold. Ok, so that’s a little questionable. I’m just trying to make you all realize how much she’s missed. I mean really, it’s getting bad around here.


  1. I would postpone all-out hysteria. Just a thought.

  2. I noticed that today.. Can we send our whiny comments somehere??

  3. Either she met some hot guys on the beach or got arrested. Just sayin'. She's crazy like that. LOL.

  4. Miss C and Momma Fargo know me all too well!!!!!

    I LOVE you skank face!!!! I'm making my rounds and trying to keep Mr. Cb off me! No sex for a week bc the girls were sleeping in the same room... Kill me.

    I'm back bitch and I missed your crazy ass too!

    Heart of gold??? What the fuck? We must rectify this situation immediately! I have to heart. Just an empty space filled with hate and prejudiced for everyone!!!!

    My 'heart' has several times been described as 'cold' though!!!!