Saturday, August 28, 2010

Internet Can Suck

I have been unable to get online since I got up this morning. Our service provider has a recording that says they are having an issue all over the state. This is very troublesome for me. I live and breathe on the internet. All my classes are online so that is vital.

Now I know what you are asking. How can she be writing a post if she is unable to get online? Well, that is simple in my world. I’m superhuman. Not really, but it brings me to the fact that I’m almost anal about my writing. So I put everything in Word then copy and paste. Yes, I have an entire file with all of my posts. That could be scary and I am fully aware of that. And don’t ask me why. I can’t even answer that. Now let’s get back to the subject at hand. How my internet sucks.

I have had so many problems with our provider. They are constantly having issues and they are one of those companies that just keep spreading all over the country. It doesn’t mean they have terrific service. What it leads to for me is horrible.

Without my internet I am lost. I have no direction; I have no will to do the things I need to do. Oh yeah, I probably wouldn’t do it anyway. It would involve cleaning my house. That is not the first thing I choose to do. Is my house a pig sty? No. It just isn’t spotless. I prefer to sit in my chair with my laptop and type away. (Do they still use the word type? I’ll have to look into that one.) I am in a state of euphoria when I hear the sound of keys being tapped on the keyboard. It soothes me.

Since I just checked, the internet has come back on. Now I can actually read your posts but I still cannot comment. Now Blogger is acting up. What the hell?

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  1. The Internet is like a love/hate relationship...

    or like a man..can't live with it, can't live with out it :-)

    I am experiencing the same thing with no Internet at camp- it's like withdrawal or something...

    I did a test post from my Blackberry on my advice blog- way too hard! Here it is:

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!