Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Found My Prince

Ok so that was a bit overstated. There is no such thing as a Prince. I should know. Men can be such asses. Anyway, I’ll get on with my story.

The other day I decided it was a good day to attempt to get a picture of a HUGE bird that resides in a park near here. She has been eluding me for several months now. Every time I even think about slowing down anywhere close to her, she takes off. I promise I will get one at some point here. I don’t think she’s aware of how determined I can be. I WILL get a good shot of her.

Because she was being so uncooperative, I decided to check out another spot that the birds seem to like. Well, that’s across the river. Not a problem really, just in the opposite direction. I went anyway. Photos are my drug. It is when I am the most content. But I had no luck there either. Well, I made a decision. I kept driving.

I ended up at a park that I’d been to one other time with family that had visited. It’s a really cool little park with a waterfall, flowers, and trails. Since it was really muggy I knew I wouldn’t be hiking but I did want to see the flowers and maybe get a few photos with my new camera.

I’m strolling along through the flowers and I move the camera over to the next one. Most of you know that when you’re looking through the “viewfinder” of a digital, everything is really small and in the sun it can be difficult to discern what you’re seeing. I realized there was something that looked like dirt or a spot of some kind on this flower. Of course, I had to look. And was I ever surprised. Sitting inside the flower was the tiniest little frog I think I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure he was just trying to stay cool but I thought he made a cool photo op for me. Did I find my prince? Sadly, no. That day will never come for me I’m afraid. So, I’ll have to settle for photos of my Prince.


  1. That is so cute!! Did you kiss him??

  2. I did not kiss him. I do have some standards you know. I know they're rather low, but still. And I let him live happily ever after in his daffodil palace. It's the least I could do.