Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have apparently opened up a whirlwind of controversy here by posting my opinion of the Mosque being built, not ON Ground Zero, but two blocks away. I have some concerns about the reasons why people are against it. I feel it shows discrimination toward the Muslim faith.

If we are to decide that the Mosque cannot be built near Ground Zero, then Catholic churches must not be near schools or have a school of their own. There have been many cases, especially in the few years, where many priests have been accused and convicted of child molestation. One could infer that Catholicism encourages child molestation. They swept most of it under the rugs for so many years it’s only been more recently that the Pope has come out to publicly condemn this action.

We could say the same for the Church of Latter Day Saints. When Joseph Smith began his teachings and started his own following, he condoned polygamy and said that was what God wanted. Warren Jeffs has used the Mormon religion to condone child molestation. He claims it is the will of God to have many wives and many children. He just doesn’t distinguish between a grown woman and a little girl. He seems to like little girls for new wives. So does that mean we should expect to do the same for the Church of Latter Day Saints?

The Baptist Church has not been without its own scandals. You can find them here. Again, it’s child molestation at its most hideous. We trust our clergy with not just our faith, but with our children as well. That has been a mistake at times. I had not heard of many of these until I started looking for them. They seem to have their own issues.

My point is simple. Every single religion in the world has fanatics who twist the words of their teachings. There is more violence talked about and advocated in the Bible than in the Qu'ran. Every single religion has fanatics who do not follow the law and break laws every single day.



  1. This is just one of those topics that we will simply have to agree to disagree about.

    I do not think it should be built near GZ. Plain and simple.

    I think it is disrespectful to all those who lost their lives.

    But, that is my opinion. There are people out here that agree with me, just as there are people out here that agree with your opinion on this.

    Everyone has their own opinions.

    Thank-you for allowing us to express them in a civil manner.

    FYI-You still ROCK!!!

  2. I agree that every religion has its fanatics, but I disagree with the mosque. It is insensitive to build it so close to ground zero, and I question the motives behind doing so. No one is saying that no more mosques can be built, no one is banning them in NYC, they just don't want it right next door to wear fanatical members of that church took thousands of lives. If one of my children was molested by a Catholic priest (which is near impossible because my children won't step foot in a catholic church!) I wouldn't go around protesting any new Catholic churches being built. BUT, if the same congregation wanted to build a church next door to my house I'd have a huge fucking problem with it.

    The wound has not healed from 9/11, and it likely never will be. Those trying to build the Ground Zero mosque and those defending it need to stop and think about the families of those who perished there. There is no reason to be insensitive just to push their own political agenda.

  3. I agree with your post in theory, however, it feels like a slap in the face to all the people who died there and the families who are still suffering.

  4. I agree with you, Christy. Congratulations for sticking to your guns.

    Mob rule is no way to run a country, especially one that lists freedom of religion in its Constitution. Not freedom of Christianity, freedom of religion. Period.

    It's hard to fight prejudice with facts, but here are a few... it's not even a mosque... it's an activity center, yes, for Muslims. Think of it as an MMCA. And it's not at ground zero. It's 2 blocks away from one corner, in what used to be a Burlington Coat Factory. There are strip clubs that are closer than that.

    And everyone says how they're not against the mosque-I-mean-activity-center being built, just being built there. Yet on the news you see public protests pretty much anywhere a mosque is proposed to be built.

    If we're to make inroads against terrorism, we need non-fanatic, non-extremist Muslims on our side. Making them feel like 2nd class citizens because some OTHER idiots were terrorists is a prime way to push them in that direction.