Friday, August 13, 2010


What the hell do I have to do to live in peace? I mean really, what does it take? I’m pissed and I don’t even know where to start. I live with two people who really don’t give a shit about me. No matter what I say, unless I am in total agreement with them, I am the enemy.

Let’s start with my son. He has had emotional issues most of his life. He’s now 24 and lives with us. Because of his financial situation, he is unable to pay rent, and I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I should have more, but he really has had some serious issues that need to get better before we approach any of that. My problem with him right now is the yard. He hates to mow and because we live in an area that just can’t stop letting the humidity and storms go crazy, the grass grows at an exponential rate. I get attitude from him about mowing. Why? Because he hates the humidity as much as I do, but he’s younger and I don’t think he has any right to complain. Period.

Now we’ll continue on to my husband. He has been on a tear lately about the damn electric bill. It was huge, I understand that. Why was it so large? He’d rather buy things for himself than fix the a/c unit. It was messing up for a while, I mean like a month. It would freeze and then there’d be no air coming through the vents at all. Instead of having someone come in and just get an idea of what it entailed, he kept putting it off. Then his parents came, and he paid for their train tickets, and it still wasn’t working. The condenser was running constantly. For any of you who don’t know, that is the part that makes your air cold. And it takes a lot of electrical power to do so. So because he didn’t want to spend the money to fix it, the electric bill went waaaay up. And that isn’t all that’s going on with the a/c or furnace as they are attached.

Now there is a leak in the furnace. You see, when the humidity is taken out of the air, it has to go somewhere. To help with that, there is a tray in the furnace that the water, a.k.a. humidity, goes to. Then it is supposed to trickle down a tube and enter the drain that is provided for it. That tray in our furnace is rusted. There is a hole in the tray that allows the water to drain right through the furnace to the floor in the basement. Not only is it rusting out the furnace, but I have to go to the basement twice a day to squeegee the water over to the drain in the floor because the house is old and the floor is uneven. So the water just gets deeper and deeper and deeper. Well he isn’t here all day, so I get to squeegee the water at least twice a day. If I don’t, everything in the basement will be under water. I guess I’m just the maid. He does not care if I have to do that.

On top of all this he bitches about our son all the time too. So not only do I get to listen to the two of them about each other, I get to clean up all the messes because neither one of them clean anything and guess what. MY NAME ISN’T ON ANYTHING!!! He’s made it so his name is on everything and I have nothing. Oh yeah! We’ve been married for almost 27 years. What the hell is the problem? I guess I’ve done NOTHING for all those years.



  1. Serenity now, serenity now!

    You know all that may be wrong with your AC is that the condenser may need to be cleaned. We've had ours freeze, paid a couple of hundred dollars for the guy to tell us :"Let it thaw, turn off the power and clean/hose it down and get the dirt out. Just a thought.

    How 'bout we send our husbands and sons on a loooooooooooong trip, then we could hang in peace!

  2. I understand lettin your son relax and get his shit together but out of respect for free rent and board he needs to get his ass on the lawnmower. He is 24!!!! I turned 25 yesterday, have been married for 7 years and have a 4 year old. And I bet cha a new air conditioner I have issues that make his look like barbie's tissue box.
    I understand too about Husband's!!! Mine has promised our last 2 tax returns that he would fix my dam car. Well guess what? My car has sat, not running, for a year. A DAM YEAR!!! And because it wasn't running it got towed. And he wanted me to give it up. NOPE! 600 bucks later we got it back. Money that would have fixed the car. Now my son starts school in 2 weeks and I don't know how I will get him back and forth. But by shit we have a PS3 and the new Madden game!
    It's fuckin dam frustrating when they won't listen. Chin up! I am getting out of here for the day tomorrow, and I am leaving them ALONE together with a list of shit to get done!

  3. I feel your pain. My electric bill is 400 bones, I am having hot flashes, I think my daughter has borderline personality disorder, we argue on the daily and I don't drink for leisure but out of necessity. I DO HOPE YOUR AIR STARTS WORKING (as do mine).

  4. Could you imagine if all of our husbands had to live with each other for three months. Without US?

    I wonder how much they would appreciate us by the end of the three months?

    Hang in there chickie!!!

  5. You are an excellent engaging writer and that must have been healing to put it all out there, and I appreciate your honesty.