Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Possesses People?

This could be a Fawk You Friday post. Since I mentioned it, don't forget to participate in the hop. It's definitely worth it. A day for bitching and just getting the crap off your chest. What more could you ask for? Here's the reason I need the Friday hop.

Why do people find the need to criticize everything around them constantly? I’m not talking about the person who uses the observation as a means for a laugh or, like us bloggers, who uses it for post material. I’m talking about those people who constantly put others down because they are doing or saying or acting in a way to elicit derision. In other words, constant negativity.

I know, you all are thinking the same thing. This is the girl who rants, raves, and generally comments on the strangest things. Ok, so you got me there. In my defense, I do not look at someone and immediately find fault. For crying out loud! Why would anyone want to constantly look at a glass half empty all day and all night? Can you imagine always thinking that way? I cannot fathom how people enjoy calling other idiots and finding fault with how they look. Argh!

And I’m getting tired of hearing the voices. Please make them stop!!!!!

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