Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Animal In Me

I took a test called The Animal In You. Apparently, I am a Wild Dog. Now I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but it is interesting.. It says nothing about being sarcastic. I mean, really. Have they never seen my blog? Oh yeah, I have a great set of followers, but I’m guessing none of you wrote the test. (I’m still seething over the fact that I didn’t think of Thank You Thursday either.)

I have a challenge for my loyal followers. Take the test and then let me know what animal you are. This could get scary so bring your game face. I expect some terribly distressing results here. I’ve included my results so you can see what kind of disturbing individual you are following. I have been known to have a mad view on the world so be prepared. You have been warned.


  1. I always knew I was royalty!!!

    The lion personality has the unmistakable presence of nobility. Moving with the unruffled calm of a cat and the dignified gait of someone in command, lions have no need to walk or talk quickly since they're never in danger of being ignored or marginalized. Every now and then, the lion will play to its gruff reputation by dramatically reprimanding a subordinate or impulsively making love to its partner with unsheathed claws. But underneath all its hissing and scratching, it's still a pussycat at heart.

  2. Ha!! That was fun! I also got Wild Dog, but said I could be an Otter or Beaver... How those are related, I don't know.