Tuesday, July 6, 2010

River Dance

It was an eventful day on the river today. We’ve had the houseboat since last September and have had a lot of fun most of the time. So far this year has been good. The outings have been okay so far. It has been warm and it isn’t much fun until we get on the water. That’s when the breeze gets going and it has been fine.

Everything was going well until today. My in-laws are here for the week and we took it out for the second time since they arrived. All was well until we had driven almost to the dam at Genoa. That’s about 9 miles south of La Crosse by river. We start turning the boat around to head back north and the motor just dies. No warning either.

WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER!!!! The current, I’m sure you’re aware, is dragging the 40’ houseboat down the river! The first photo is of the “beautiful pink houseboat”. The second is the buoy we were anchored by while the houseboat was dead in the water. The third is of the anchor line that’s attached to the boat and anchor, keeping us in place. Documentation everyone! Remember that.

I threw that anchor a total of 3 times before he was able to figure out the mechanical issue. It was a loose screw on the points letting it lose the connection and shutting down the motor. All’s well now though. A 2 hour tour turned into a 6+ hour tour. Another adventure in Christyland.


  1. I am jealous. Our boat is still sitting in the driveway being pimped out...it is never going to be done. Good thing you got it running and at least you had the shelter from the sun!

  2. we used to cruise our houseboat up and down the mississippi and my sissy and i would actually climb up to the top of the boat and run and jump off. into. the. mississippi. aaarrrggghhh - maybe that's why i'm so mental!