Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Fawk You Friday Again!

BWS tips button

Another Fawk You Friday is upon us. Head on over to our most awesome hostess, Boobies, Babies, & A Blog, to grab the button. The rules are simple; make a post for Fawk You Friday, display the button on the post, and add that post’s address to the linky in order to join. You also need to follow our hostess. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. Come and join us, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

For the most part, things have calmed down for me considerably. But I do have a few irritations and concerns to list. So here goes.

Fawk You to allergies. You seriously need to GO AWAY!!! I DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE!!!

Fawk You to the website that has MESSED WITH MY BACKGROUND!!! Do you have to make it difficult for me to GET ONE I LIKE!!!

Fawk You to people who can’t PICK UP THEIR DIRTY CLOTHES!!! I am NOT THE MAID!!!

There you have it from me this week. Please join up and tell your friends. It’ll be a party! Let's have one again next week.


  1. I'm diggin the background!!!

    On another note...can we hire maids?

  2. Love your Fawk You's. ;-) I have a big fawk you to the humidity as well as my allergies. So miserable!!

  3. I only do mine and Uncle Bubba's laundry now. My kids are to wash their own and my daughter is in charge of the towels. I used to have nightmares about laundry, we'll see if these new rules alleviate some of that for me.

  4. Ok you bitches are fucking fabulous....I love Fridays and plan to get my "fawk" on with you all weekly


  5. I love these Fawkin Fridays and always forget to do one!

  6. I'm lovin' the love around here tonight. It's so cool. And CB, I'm yours forever.