Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Not A Fisherman But..........

I’m thinking something went wrong here. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I mean really. Do I seem like the kind of girl who would question the fishing methods of a more experienced fisherman?

I have done my fair share of fishing. I am, after all, a huge tomboy. So, naturally, some of my experiences have involved a fishing pole and bait. My preferred form of bait involves a worm. Yes, I will spear the worm on the hook. Gross to some, my daughter thinks it’s the only way to catch a fish. I believe it’s also the way to catch a bullfrog.

I only wish I had a picture of this one. Years and years ago, before marriage, and the whole kid thing, I went fishing with my then boyfriend, now husband, and his mom. We went to some little pond in the middle of the woods that had no trail leading the way. In other words, through weeds, brambles, and low hanging branches. Try doing that while carrying a rod and reel. It’s a challenge, I promise. Of course, it’s also why I know getting your line hung up somewhere is not the thing to do.

Needless to say, my line became a bit entangled with a low hanging branch. It happened to be hanging over the edge of the little pond. I turned around to regroup and had my back to the pond. While I was contemplating my next move, I felt a tug on my pole. What could that be, I asked myself? I turned back around, and lo and behold, I have managed to catch a………bullfrog. Yes, he found the worm on the end of my line so irresistible that he jumped off his lily pad and grabbed it. Yes, I caught a bullfrog on a line with a worm. Amazing.

I know I don’t have to tell you, there were happy people at the dinner table that night. They got frog legs for supper!

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  1. I like to fish, but will only bait my own hook. Im a wussy when it comes to touching the fish. Ick. Last time the DH and I went fishing I caught a bass and a fishy lure that someone else had lost.