Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Not An Ass. Are You?

I sometimes get downright pissed off about how people think the way they do. I don’t understand narrow-mindedness. I don’t think I ever have. The more I think about it, the more perplexed I am because how can someone be so judgmental? I know we all have opinions and we all have a unique way of observing life around us. I think the problem comes when we don’t expand our vision and look at things from a different point of view. There is no attempt to see all sides of an issue and end up with an informed decision on the subject.

I am more of an analytical thinker. I look at several options before making a decision. There is nothing worse to me than someone making an immediate assumption. I want all the facts and I want to mull those over before I come to a conclusion. Facts, people, facts! They are what everyone should strive to determine. A one-sided slant does nothing for the overall picture.

I think part of it has to do with my mother. I love and adore my mother and she was always there for me when my daughter was ill, but her parenting style was a bit hard to deal with at times. She was a controlling parent. I was never allowed to have an opinion when she laid down the law. She said it and that was it. I have learned since then that type of parenting causes low self-esteem in the kids. (So don’t go that route folks. I promise you’ll end up with someone like me who takes 47 years to stand up for her own self.But I really do love my mother.

So here’s my advice to everyone out there. THINK BEFORE YOU REACT. Get a backbone and accept other points of view before making assumptions. Don’t be afraid of something you are not familiar with. You may learn something new for a change. Think about how much you’ll miss if you don’t let other ideas in. For crying out loud, what can it hurt? If you don’t like it after you hear it, you can just throw it right back out. I, for one, would rather not make an ASS OUT OF YOU AND ME.

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