Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Bestowing Awards!

I was given this award and I am so far behind on giving it back out, please forgive me. The task was for me to bestow it on 3 other bloggers I felt deserved the same award. So here we go. Thanks Donda! I couldn't find the button, but here it is to look at. LOL! It's called, You're Going Places Baby

1. Life's A Bitch is absolutely hilarious. Not only is she great at telling a really good story with a twist, she pulls no punches. I think we should all follow her just to live vicariously through her. Her unique look at life is something I personally would like to have. It’s out there and she’s awesome.
2.Lunatic Whimsy is just too much. Literally. I was rolling on the floor laughing from a recent post of hers. Trust me, when you see her bikini post, you will be helpless. She is also shameless for comments. It is so bad, she posted a video for them. THE BEST VIDEO EVER!
3. Ponderings of a Crazy Woman can make a post about an incident she didn’t even witness. How great is that? She most definitely deserves this one.

Your assignment is simple. Find 3 other blogs you feel deserve the same award and hand it out. I wish you luck in your endeavors. Find us some good ones.

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