Monday, July 5, 2010

Here We Go Again.....Another Round

I thought this blog would be my place to let go when something didn’t go right for me. Instead, I find out that one of the people who relishes slamming me found our Fawk You Friday through another blogger and is once again trying to somehow stalk me. It never occurred to me that she would find the
Fawk You Friday blog hop. So I let go about my son’s phone being blown up by her texts again. We changed his number. Because she no longer has a line directly to him, she is now going to use her blog to attack me and my family.

I know that I used her incessant texting in my FU Friday post, and for that I should be drawn and quartered. How could I think that she would ever deserve to be castigated in public? I mean really. The only things she’s ever done to me or mine is cause over $2500 worth of damage to my son’s car in the middle of the night (suspected), run up a phone bill that I have had to pay, let her mother call me and tell me what a horrible mother and grandmother I am. She also burned a box of his clothes in front of our house in the middle of the night. Another time she made reference to the fact that she was watching the house. This was after she made us realize she may be a pyromaniac. But, of course, this is ALL my fault.

Now, I’m not saying that my son is perfect. Far from it. But she accuses me of encouraging him to abandon the kids they had together. Just last week he was supposed to keep one of them for the night. You know a daddy and daughter kind of evening. She told him she would drop her off and she didn’t show up. When he tried to call her, she didn’t answer. When he finally was able to speak with her, an hour after he was suppose to have the little one, she said she’d changed her mind. But, once again, it is ALL someone else’s fault. We know because we’ve been told this for over 3 years now.

Apparently, I was not the catalyst for the most recent ravings of the lunatic. She read a post on FB from a friend of my son’s, who happens to be female, about watching the basketball game with him. She assumed he was doing something he wasn’t because you know what making an assumption does. It makes an ass out of her. Then all hell broke loose. She couldn’t keep it under control any longer.

But you know everything is our fault. There is no possible way she would have done anything. I mean how could she? Everyone else caused her to leave the comments on FB and go crazy on someone else’s blog. Now I know I really have no right to expound on my feelings in the matter, but I have said this before and I will say it again. IT IS MY BLOG!!!!!

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  1. Wow. She sounds scary crazy. Like scary enough to pack up and move away. Hope she smartens up and leaves you the fuck alone...
    Good luck!