Sunday, July 18, 2010

Have You Ever Noticed?

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Have you ever noticed how people who stalk or talk about you behind your back can’t deal with the same treatment done to them? They can call people names, slam their looks, and tell lies about the person or family. Don’t point out their faults because that is not acceptable. They think you have no rights whatsoever. You are not allowed to disparage them in any way.

Do you know how they get to spout and not let you see what they are writing on their own blogs about you? They make their blogs so private it's only open by invitation. A very easy way out.

My mom always told me that the only reason people try to hurt you is because it’s the only way they can make themselves feel better. She’s right. I’m telling you, the haters hate themselves and have to strike out at everyone they feel is different than they are. Sometimes they feel like you owe them even when you don't.

I feel sorry for them, don’t you? myspace graphic comments

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  1. The best revenge for those haters to is #1 ignore them and #2 live a happy life. Two things they really can't stand.