Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Now don’t sink down to the gutter here. Wait before you judge. Sshh!!! I LOVE handbags, purses, totes, backpacks, and anything like that. Yes, I admit it. My special obsession is for Fossil brand bags. Of course it spills over to Fossil watches too. The sad part is I will collect other brands if the item is just right.

It means I have a large collection of bags and watches. Yes, I need all these bags. Yes, I need all the watches too. What gives you the idea I don’t? Have you been talking to my husband? He thinks I don’t need anything. If you’re on his side, don’t tell me about it. I will disagree with you.

What makes us collect the things we do? I always want to know that. I really can’t tell you why I like bags. It isn’t like I dress up all the time and need a different bag for each occasion. And, since I am unemployed right now, I do not need to wear a watch. And, I don’t.

Just thought I’d share. Why? I don’t know that either.


  1. I have a closet full of purses as well, and shoes. But the collection that's cost me the most, and will continue to, is my kids. I'm not really sure how I ended up with so freaking many! Well yes I do. The state kept dropping them off at my door. We fed them and they never left. Kinda like cats.

  2. i have a massive collection of shoes (just recently gave away about 75 pair and that was about half), i collect coach and dooney & bourke purses like they're gonna quit makin' em tomorrow, and i love watches too! may have to look into fossil!