Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Me Friday And Two Four-Letter Words


I know what you’re thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter. Since I know some of my followers, I know that’s what you’re thinking. See, I’m smarter than I look. Oh yeah, you don’t know what I look like. Ok. Take my word for it then. I am smarter than I look. And since I’m REALLY, REALLY smart, I must be somewhat good looking. I know it’s only my opinion, but this is my blog so my stories go the way I want them to go.

I spent last week in its entirety with people who think the words “stupid” and “idiot” are to be used daily and often. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I abhor those words. They are so derogatory to the people they are aimed at it is repugnant to me they have ever been considered part of the human language. I’m sure there are words with those meanings in all languages across the world.

These words should be four-letter words. I know that we all have people we have met or even have to spend time with that we feel are beneath us. It’s human nature to feel that way. No one looks at the same thing the exact same way. Not everyone has a genius IQ either. So does that mean we are to constantly use words that have a severely negative connotation to them about anyone who doesn’t look at life the same way we do? The answer is NO!!!

What makes this world absolutely wonderful is the fact we are different. I relish differences. I pick on specific instances of ridiculous behavior. I don’t use words that children have used on a classmate to make them feel bad. Are we back in 3rd grade again? Are these the only words you can use to denigrate another person? My 24 year old son whispered to me after one of those many comments about someone being “stupid”, “That is a terrible word. I don’t like it.” (I did teach him something).

Let’s face it. If we were all the same, I wouldn’t have anything to bitch about then. And that would be a travesty of monumental proportion. Then all of my wonderful fans would not be the beneficiaries of my wonderful wit and insight. Now THAT would be a crime. myspace graphic comments


  1. Its not human nature for anyone to think or say, others are "beneath us" actually its just wrong. and the way you talk about others on your blog, the words "stupid" and "idiot" wouldn't be as harsh..... thats what my cry baby whiny assed opinion is!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower! Have a great weekend!