Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disrespecting Others

Why do some people think it’s okay to ignore other people in the room or have blatant disregard for their feelings? I’ll make this simple. I have tinnitus. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it is a ringing in the ear that never goes away. It can be extremely low pitched or it can be very high pitched. The volume usually varies from one person to another also. Mine is in the high pitched range with low to medium volume. It makes going to listen to bands very difficult as my ears will actually start to hurt. Some people it doesn’t affect that way, but it does me.

One thing that’s hard is the tv volume. I usually don’t have it up very loud because the louder it is, the more it irritates my tinnitus. I will start to think I would rather just shoot myself than listen any more. I know I should be a better hostess, but I cannot deal with the tv blaring all the time. It’s more than I can take and I think I’m going to strangle someone if they can’t turn it down. So right now I am hiding in the bedroom so I can have a break from the noise. The worst part is I will be considered rude because of it. It will come back to haunt me somehow.

I am so pissed about that. I can’t even have consideration in my own home when I ask if it’s too loud. I just have to deal. Maybe I should leave. I could go down to the boat and enjoy some peace and quiet for a change. If I left? Hell to pay!


  1. I would be damned if I would be prisoner in my own house... Aw hell no. There would be hell to pay if it came to that. Aretha said it best r-e-s-p-e-c-t! and I would damn sure DEMAND it.

    I have a very dear friend who suffers with this too. Noise is the bain of her existence. She has earplugs that she often wears to buffer background noise, but even that isnt always the answer.

  2. I am married to an only child whose parents think they are better than me. That has never been said out loud, but it is quite obvious in some of the things they've said and done over the years. The bad part is my family would NEVER in a million years do some of those things to him.