Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Big Big Thank You myspace graphic comments

The last couple of weeks have been rough on me. Between getting ready for the in-laws, having them here, and cold hard truths about my life, I have just about had a meltdown. For the last few days all I’ve wanted to do is cry. If you knew me personally, you would know how odd that is. Stress will get me almost as bad as the moments I miss Amanda more than can be put in words.

On my Pour Your Heart Out post, I really got to the heart of the matter (pun intended). My life needs to change. This doesn’t work for me. I’m drowning and I know it. Since I went back to school, I have realized a few things about myself that are important.

I am saying a big, big, big Thank You to all my bloggy buddies who left me a kind word of support and understanding. You girls are more awesome than you think, more beautiful than you think, and much stronger than you think. Keep up the support of those around you because you have a knack for it. myspace graphic comments


  1. Fuck me... (well, not actually do it, but it's an expression) I'm on man #3 right now. Did the dirty deed of saying it's over twice. It's hell, but afterwards it's awesome and total blissdom. The longer you wait the harder it gets to leap, like jumping in a pool, or a lake.