Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bits & Pieces

I thought I should take some time and introduce you to some of my favorite blogs. You all have been so kind to me that you should go further and find out what trips my trigger in the blogging world. I’m sure you know by now it has to be sarcasm or just plain funny. Sometimes it’s something heart-wrenching but it’s usually attention grabbing.

Weird, Odd, Hysterical, and Sarcastic

One Blonde Girl-She is wonderfully sarcastic and full of stories. I often laugh when I’m reading her posts.
A Perfectly Unperfect Girl-Tells stories like nobody’s business and great sense of humor.
One Crazy Brunette-Get ready for her. She’s such a bitch.
Aunt Crazy’s Here Y’all-She’s just funny.
Diary of a Mad Woman-Not only is she funny, but she talks up the Tuesday Train. She’s da bomb.
Snarkyville-Funny and irreverent. Awesome take on kids too.
Jennifer Juniper-She loves my blog and she writes a helluva blog, so go check her out.
The Bipolar Diva-This girl’s just plain awesome. Not only does she have a killer sense of sarcasm, but she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
My Husband Misunderstood When I Said I Was Bi-I’m not sure where to start with this one. She is completely off the wall funny. Even her comments are hilarious.

Giveaways and Reviews

This Little Family-This girl has great reviews and giveaways but she also throws in her own sense of humor. She’s also my co-host for Tuesday Train and has been a great help with that.
Boobies, Babies, & A Blog-This one is just naughty and nice. I mean that literally. Some of her reviews and giveaways are definitely naughty, but she has a heart of gold.

Now I know I’m missing a few of my faves, but I can’t just overload you here. Give me a chance to let you know what’s up later. Sheez! Take a breath and back off for now! I’ll let you know more. Have patience!


mingle mondays button

It's Mingle Monday again! I love hops. I seem to meet great people. Head on over to KdBuggie Boutique to grab your button for the hop and join us today.

Boy did I get a surprise on Friday. I was minding my own business, which usually means I’m online trying to read all the posts I’ve signed up for. I love so many of you, I’m falling behind. Anyway, I’m off subject. So let’s start over.

Oh yeah, minding my own business. I received a phone call from my brother at noon on Friday. Now my brother doesn’t call me during the day unless there is something wrong with my mom. (She’s had heart issues for years resulting in a quintuple bypass in 2007 and a stroke last year that almost killed her). So, I, of course, think he’s calling because Mom is in the hospital again with something else.

My first question was, “What’s going on?” To which he replied with his own question. “What are you doing for lunch?” Keep in mind they live 460 miles from here. It took about 2 seconds for me to ask him, “Where are you?” He then replies, “We’re in Viroqua.” That’s like 40 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!

Yes, he surprised me. Him and my SIL decided to take a weekend drive and thought they would take the drive to see me. Apparently, he swore my mom and his wife to secrecy. They told him he should warn me and give me some time to prepare for the visit. But he insisted on making it a complete surprise. And it was.

I don’t keep a completely spotless house, but when someone is coming to visit, I tend to go a little crazy with the cleaning. I’m sure most of you do. I started freaking out when I started thinking about the house and why it was so bad. Boo had only been off quarantine the day before. He sheds like nobody’s business. I mean he is a one dog shedding machine that never stops running. When someone is coming I will vacuum 3 times a day for 3 days before they get here. It isn’t that it’s horrible other times, but it sure isn’t perfect. So I was in shock.

It was a nice surprise as we haven’t actually laid eyes on each other for almost 2 years. Between their schedule and things going on here, there hasn’t been time for us to go there. Of course, if truth be told, we usually have to go there to see anyone. No one but my husband’s parents have come here for 2 years. And we all know how much I love to have his parents here. Yeah, you remember that I’m sure. If you need a reminder go here.

Anyway, my weekend was a bit on the busy side. I know you all think I’ve been ignoring you with no comments or questions or whatever, but you’ll get over it. It does my heart good to know you have missing me. Of course I wouldn’t expect anything less.

The Animal In Me

I took a test called The Animal In You. Apparently, I am a Wild Dog. Now I don’t know if this is accurate or not, but it is interesting.. It says nothing about being sarcastic. I mean, really. Have they never seen my blog? Oh yeah, I have a great set of followers, but I’m guessing none of you wrote the test. (I’m still seething over the fact that I didn’t think of Thank You Thursday either.)

I have a challenge for my loyal followers. Take the test and then let me know what animal you are. This could get scary so bring your game face. I expect some terribly distressing results here. I’ve included my results so you can see what kind of disturbing individual you are following. I have been known to have a mad view on the world so be prepared. You have been warned.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Follow Me


Ok, so I'm a bit late getting this in. I'm always running behind so I may take a break from the blog...NOT! Really, who would think I'm doing that? Anyway, I'm glad to see everyone today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Fawk You Friday!

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Another Fawk You Friday is upon us. And, boy, do I need a few Fawk You moments. Our most lovely and honored Boobies, Babies, & A Blog is once again our fabulous hostess with the moistest. She is more awesome than we can put into words so you’ll just have to go check her out. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy my moments of complete disgust.


Fawk You to the person who JUST HAD TO REACH ACROSS MY FENCE, GET BIT BY MY DOG AND PUT HIM IN QUARANTINE!!! TEN DAYS OF IT!!! The only caveat? He received a trespassing ticket!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Welcome to another edition of Thank You Very Much. The place we get to thank anyone, everyone, and whatever has annoyed us this week.

I first have to give a sincere Thank You Very Much to the people who take care of the unemployment. They reinstated mine! I can breathe again.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to insomnia. Can you at least hold your visits to ONE DAY A WEEK INSTEAD OF FOUR?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my computer. Would you STOP EXPECTING ME TO BE A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER! I don’t know that much about how you work.


That’s what I have for today. Since I am always being irritated, I’ll have more tomorrow as it is FAWK YOU FRIDAY! Remember to head over to Boobies, Babies, & A Blog to grab the button and enjoy your tour of her blog. Join us tomorrow for more fun!

I Know You Want To

Remember Fawk You Friday is coming. Head on over to Boobies, Babies, & A Blog to snag the button and while you're there, check out the great giveaways and reviews she has. It really is a great site. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

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Tuesday Train Results

We had a great day with the Train yesterday. In fact, we more than doubled the number we had last week. I’m thinking we can have even more fun with the ride if everyone follows the rules. I noticed about half of our participants did not have the button on any posts for that day and that can be a problem. To get more blogs joining, they need to know what hop they are on. The number one rule for the hop is simple. You need to have the button for Tuesday Train. It is on my sidebar in addition to my co-host’s sidebar, This Little Family. These rules will also be posted with the Tuesday Train post we have for linking up.

1. You MUST HAVE THE BUTTON on a post for the day.
2. You must follow the blog hosts, This Little Family and I’m Just Sayin’.
3. Follow the blog in front of you and after you.

We really want this to be a success for all involved and that means letting people know where they can join the hop and find other blogs they like. We will be double checking entries. If the button is not on a post for the day, the entry will be removed. Remember there is no specific post address needed. Just the URL of your blog will do because that gives everyone the chance to see what your blog is all about. I know you all want to grab more followers, so let’s make it easier for them to find you. I am looking forward to next week so I can meet new friends.


What The Hell Is A Meme?

I have no idea! I had to look it up and I also had to find out how to pronounce it. So I do my normal search and google it. This is the dictionary definition of the meme, “–noun pronounced “meem”
a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.”
In other words, it grows. I also found another website that actually lists the memes of the internet. You can find it here. But I had to look through it myself to see what is all over the internet and why it’s such a big thing.

Examples of what I found are somewhat ridiculous if you ask me, but here they are.

Standing Cat What the hell is so funny about a standing cat?

Meanwhile in Canada Shouldn’t Canadians be a bit insulted by this?

Shimajiro: Toilet Training And the Japanese have a viral video for potty training. Don’t they provide us with everything else under the sun?

Grammar Nazi Ok, so I can be one of them too. Deal with it!

I Want The Old Facebook Back Started because people believe everything they read and don’t follow up with RESEARCH!

Glenn Beck Rape & Murder Hoax I have to admit, this one tickled my funny bone. I REALLY, REALLY, HATE LISTENING TO GLENN BECK.

Roller Coaster Chess This one is just moronic.

Fingerstache Another moronic meme. This is worse than someone thinking a mime is fun.

Bill O’Reilly Rant This is especially funny to me since he had to recently take back what he said about Shirley Sherrod. That’s what you get for jumping to conclusions without facts. Oh yeah, you do it every day!

So there are thousands more out there and this is just a taste. I did not grow up with computers so some of the computer language out there is just a bit odd for me. And this is what happens when I try to find out what it is. Scary, isn’t it?

This is my first time joining the Welcome Wednesday. Looks like fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday Train


The Tuesday Train is upon us folks! I am floating on the clouds. Anyway, here we are, it's time to link up and make some new friends. I posted yesterday to let you know we had some issues last week with the linkups. In order for the hop to work the way it was intended, I need for you all to use the button that can be found on my sidebar and put it on your post. That way everyone knows it's a hop. The goal is to get people to come join us and they need to know what it is. The other requirement will be that you follow the hostesses and the blog in front of you and behind you. This will ensure you get new followers which is usually the goal for most of us bloggers. But the best thing that can happen to you is making new friends and blogging buddies. Again, there is NO SPECIFIC POST THAT HAS TO BE MADE. We just need you to have the Tuesday Train button on your post for that day.

I decided to use this post as an introduction to me. I know you'll all be thrilled. (You better be anyway.)

My name is Christy and I am a 47 year old online student currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I have 4 kids, one is our angel, and they are absolutely to die for. Really...I would die for them. I am mainly a sarcastic, sometimes sardonic, and mostly blunt woman. I call it as I see it and I don't pull any punches. I have a voracious appetite for reading and learning. If I don't know something I will find out about it. I live for laughter because I think dwelling on the negative only serves to tear us down but I do understand human nature and we sometimes have periods in our lives where it's hard to cope. I've been there and I know it. So if you like sarcasm, and I am a founding member of my own sarcasm club, this is the place to find it. I have some really awesome, and naughty, blogging buddies you will enjoy meeting. You will love them as much as I do. Remember to bring your funny bone. We love funny here. myspace graphic comments

Did I say come join us? Oh yeah, I love comments.

Monday Minute

Monday Minute

I have never participated in this, but thought it looked like fun so here I am.

1. Who is your "what-if" person? There is no "who". But what if I wasn't married. Now that's a question.

2. What is your nickname? My dad has called my "Punkin" since I was born so I've been that for a very, very long time. He's the only one though. I don't really have a nickname otherwise.

3. If you could choose how you died, how would you like to die? Surrounded by loved ones or at least in my sleep.

4. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked? I've never really thought of this. I kind of like Christy. I think it fits me.

5. Who were you named after or for what reason did your parents choose your name? My mom had my name picked out long before she met my dad so my name is older than me.

Can't Get It Into My Head

I am having such a hard time getting a grip on school. It isn’t that I don’t get it it’s that I can’t get my head into it. I have been going completely crazy trying to wrap my head around this need to do my work. I will probably be cramming on Sunday so I can finish by the deadline. It wouldn’t be the first time.

The other morning I turned on my computer, pulled up the blog and it was telling me I needed to change my background because it would be gone on Friday. What?! I just changed it a couple of weeks ago anyway. So I went to the site I found it on in the first place, just to find out I couldn’t even get on the site because it was under maintenance. What?! Why would you have these things pop up on someone’s blog if you can’t help them anyway? It said to come back and get a fresh html code. I tried! No luck. And I tried several other times that day. I’m so pissed at that point I haven’t tried it since. WTH?! A little help please!

I find myself a bit at a loss these days. My unemployment has run out which causes me serious concern for the immediate future. No interviews are coming my way at all. It just sucks. I don’t even know which way to turn. The thing is I know this will change. My life always changes and I’m thinking it will change soon, but you never know what’s going on with life. It seems to like to throw me curves every time I think I have things figured out. Do you reckon it’s just me? I think maybe I have some bad karma going on. Oh I know! I was a REAL bitch in my former life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Train Is Coming!

mingle mondays button

I found another hop I want to join. I'm starting to love the hops more and more. So today's hop is called Mingle Monday! It is hosted by KdBuggie Boutique and I found it through a blog I already follow called Chubby Cheeks Thinks. She does lots of reviews and giveaways. You should check her out.

Tomorrow is the Tuesday Train. We've been gaining steam for the last couple of weeks and last week was totally tremendous! I know I said there weren't really any rules, but there are a couple that we're throwing in. There are reasons for these and I will explain before anyone has a conniption fit. We are ONLY looking out for your welfare. So deal with it.

First of all, you must use the Tuesday Train button on your post for that day. If you don't, other bloggers will not know what you are doing and will defeat the purpose of the hop. We all want more followers and this is the way to get them.

Second of all, it is common courtesy to at least follow the hostesses of the hop. Hops are designed to help other bloggers gain followers and be introduced to bloggers who may become your best friend. So for that reason, We are requiring that you follow the hostesses and the blog before and after your entry. That is a total of 4 each week. This will also help you gain followers. I know am more likely to follow another if they are willing to follow me.

Please also remember that we do not require a specific post. What I mean by this is I want to know what your blog is about in its totality. Some of you do giveaways and reviews but also throw in personal stories. If I click on your link and I only see a post that has all the hops you are joining for the day, I have no idea what you do on your blog. Some hops are better off doing it that way if it is a specific type of hop. This one is designed to learn more about our fellow bloggers in their daily blogging lives.

So please come with us and have some fun acting like frogs. We have also increased in participation every week and I am so ecstatic over that. Let's keep building. I know I want to meet some new buds. The button can be found on my sidebar and my co-host's blog, This Little Family. Come on! What do you have to lose? Oh yeah, nothing!!! You might actually gain a few followers.


This Is So True myspace graphic comments

I found this when I was looking for some new things for the blog. I absolutely thought this was hilarious. I'd better behave or this is what my kids will do to me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Award!

OMG! I just don’t know what to say. I am so verklempt. I can’t believe my friend Jennifer Juniper feels I deserve this. You really should go check out her blog. She's so funny and sarcastic I promise you will be ROFLYAO. Oh what did I do to earn this? I don’t know, but I’ll answer these questions to the best of my ability.

1. What is the silliest prank you ever played on someone? A friend of mine had an ex wife named Heidi. One day at work, a salesperson, named Heidi, came to see him, (he owned the business). I told him Heidi wanted to talk to him (with a straight face). Their marriage didn’t end well so you can just imagine the look on his face.

2. If you could take a trip anywhere out of the country where would you go? Antarctica would be my destination of choice. My dream is an Antarctic cruise.

3. Who plays the most influential role in your life? My daughter taught me so much.

4. Are you ok with your significant other being friends with an ex? Yes because he is.

5. Favorite candle scent? Definitely vanilla. Why? I don’t really know.

6. Next movie you're excited about seeing? The Expendables will hopefully be a blast. All the actions stars of the ‘80’s will be out in force and making fun of themselves.

7. You must ban one word from the dictionary and all usage, to be no longer uttered or written. What word do you ban? I would have to say “Retard”. It is used far too much and usually meant to hurt someone’s feelings. And for the kicker, kids used to call Amanda that and her feelings would be very hurt. Kids can be cruel.

8. Do you have any relatives in jail? No.

9. What crazy fads were popular when you were a teenager? Bell bottoms and hip huggers are now known as flare legs and low rise jeans. Just change the name and it will be okay.

10. Have you ever been mentioned in a newspaper or on TV? Only once that I can think of and I don’t remember it. My mom says I took 2nd place in a cute baby contest.

So now I need to pass this on to another of my blogging buddies I feel deserves this award. Who do I pick? I have so many I’m not sure who to choose.

Ok I've made a decision. This award is going to my buddy at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog. She really can be naughty, but she really is nice. Check her out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Fawk You Friday Again!

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Another Fawk You Friday is upon us. Head on over to our most awesome hostess, Boobies, Babies, & A Blog, to grab the button. The rules are simple; make a post for Fawk You Friday, display the button on the post, and add that post’s address to the linky in order to join. You also need to follow our hostess. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. Come and join us, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

For the most part, things have calmed down for me considerably. But I do have a few irritations and concerns to list. So here goes.

Fawk You to allergies. You seriously need to GO AWAY!!! I DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE!!!

Fawk You to the website that has MESSED WITH MY BACKGROUND!!! Do you have to make it difficult for me to GET ONE I LIKE!!!

Fawk You to people who can’t PICK UP THEIR DIRTY CLOTHES!!! I am NOT THE MAID!!!

There you have it from me this week. Please join up and tell your friends. It’ll be a party! Let's have one again next week.

The Human Race

In response to a post by my bud over at The Bipolar Diva, here is something you all should read and listen to. Please take the time to check out this link. It's about The Only True Race.

Results from Tuesday Train!

We has such a HUGE increase in participation from last week I am so stoked! Thank you so much to those who joined and it would be great for you to come back. The more we have, the more chances we all have to make new blogging buddies.

As a reminder, you need to put the button on your post so others know that's what is going on. I know that some of you did not use the button and I'm afraid we won't have more participation if they don't know what the hop is. So PLEASE use the button. You can find the code for it on the sidebar here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You Very Much

A new hop just for moi? It’s all about sarcasm and we know how much I LOVE sarcasm. I know what you’re thinking. Here she goes again. Do we have to listen to her again? The answer is, yes, you do. I may hunt you down if you don’t. Ok, the last sentence wasn’t true, but you know me.

This is the place to (sarcastically) thank whomever or whatever has earned your sarcasm. It’s a lovely idea and I am so jealous that I did not think of it first. Oh well, such is life. (I’m still jealous). Head on over the The Daily Dribbles to get your button and join the hop. Here’s my list of thank you moments.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the person who decided to leave a comment on my blog anonymously and when I responded, took offense. If you choose to leave a not so nice comment without leaving your name, you are fair game.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to people who change your life without caring how it affects you. This one includes people who change my kids’ lives too. She knows who she is and I know what you did last Thursday night.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my son’s boss who NEVER THINKS OF ANYONE ELSE!!! While my son is going through a horrendous emotional time, his boss decided to be an asshole like usual.

I could think of a million other things and people to thank, but I’ll save them for next week. After all, if I throw too much at you at one time, it might be sarcasm overload which could mean a trip to the hospital. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

Posters comments

My Monday

Monday afternoon I was going about my business working on school, cleaning house, and thinking about what to fix for supper when I was rudely interrupted by an unusual amount of barking outside. My dogs were out there like usual, but this was different. In the midst of that I realized I was also hearing some kid outside yelling at the top of his lungs. I thought it was the kid who is always walking by and irritating them in the yard (it’s fenced). I did my normal action of heading out the door to yell at the kid to leave them alone. I said, “Hey!” to get his attention and he turned to look at me, then yelled at me that my dog bit him.

My first reaction was not how bad he was hurt, because he has taunted the dogs a few times. (I know I’m horrible). The kid is bigger than me. And he isn’t 12. He’s a kid to me because he’s younger than me. Anyway, I’m getting off the subject here. I asked him what he was doing leaning over the fence. At that point, I had not seen the injury. He did turn toward me briefly, but then turned around again. I saw what may have been an injury, but he was so far away, I couldn’t get a really good look at it. Well the kid took off. He started walking away and he just kept repeating, very loudly, “Fuck!”

I tried to get him to come back toward me but he wouldn’t even look at me. He just kept walking away screaming over and over all the way down the street. The lady that was walking her own dog said she thought he was yelling before he even got to our yard, so I’m thinking he was lying to see what he could get. Yeah, okay. An hour later, a cop pulls up in front of the house. The injury was bad enough he went to the hospital. That’s when the report was made.

So now my big Boo is in quarantine. He’s a mastiff so he is large. He is not allowed to go out to the yard without being accompanied by an adult. Poor baby since he likes to go out and lay out under the shade tree. We also have to get a bite check 3 times in the next 10 days. And before anyone asks, he is registered and up-to-date on vaccinations.

What irritates me about this is that the kid trespasses and we are the ones who are penalized. I had the proof that Boo is “legal” and yet I am the one who has to jump through hoops. You may be asking yourself if I feel any sympathy for the kid. Not after I found out he is 19 and not mentally challenged. Who leans over a fence to pet the smaller dog when there is a monster with his hair standing up all the way down his back, barking, growling, and probably doing some lunging as warning in the same vicinity? Who does that? Really?

If you knew Boo, you would know that outside his yard, he is the biggest baby and wouldn’t hurt a flea. He has NO HISTORY of biting anyone, ever. When the cop showed up, he did a little growl and I just snapped my fingers. He sat down and was his normal goofy self. The cop said he wouldn’t have reached across the fence though. Boo is a big dog. He is 160 lbs plus. I have included photos for your enjoyment of the two babies in the house.

Here’s the only reason I’m not still pissed beyond reason. I pressed charges of trespassing against the kid. I know what you’re thinking, adding insult to injury. Well if he hadn’t been trespassing, he would not have been in range of the Boo man. It is a hard lesson to learn, but a lesson nonetheless. There are consequences to our actions every day, so there you go.

Don't Forget About Friday!

This is just a reminder about Fawk You Friday. Remember to save up all the Fawk You moments you have all week and post them on Friday. We want you to join us for a fun-filled Friday hop. I am looking forward to it. I hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Isaiah

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One of my favorite blogging buds is The Bipolar Diva. Her and her family have been going through a really tough time these days. It is the 6th anniversary of the loss of her grandchild. Please hop over to her blog and read about their loss and give them the support they need at this time. Having lost a child of my own, I fully understand. Here is the direct link to the post she made in memory of Isaiah.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Train


It's here again! Yes, I'm trying to start another hop. What was I thinking? I love them so much I thought we needed another one. We'll see how it goes. I hope you all join. I've managed to snag 95 followers so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of how many you might get. If you all join, we would have a real shot at getting this off the ground. I’m looking forward to it. My daughter is co-hosting with me and she can be found at This Little Family. It’s a great blog that has really terrific giveaways and reviews.

The biggest happening around my house these days is in regards to my son. His fiancé, of over a year, broke up with him for the second time in the last few months and she refuses to sit down with him and have a real conversation about anything. To make it worse, she has been posting all of her new found freedom all over Facebook without any care that he may see it. Still worse, we found out something that happened a couple days after she dumped him that makes her seem less like a nice person and more like a girl looking for a good time.

The hardest part for me, outside of how it affects my son, is that we accepted her into the family. She was part of everything we did. This was even after the first time she did it. My son went back to her and to support him, we accepted her back without any reservation. She was talking with my daughter about the wedding plans just a few days before she decided to pull this again. The wedding dress is still in my closet because there was no other place to store it at the time. In fact, initially my husband put it on his card so she could get the one she wanted. After all that, she will not even speak to our son!

I am always amazed at how people can just act like nothing happened. I have the ability to talk and interact with people I really don’t like to the point they would never know it. I consider that to be an asset in business situations, but I can utilize it with people I know. The best example would be my other son’s ex stayed with us for 3 months and she’s the one who is the stalker. They were still together at the time and I was trying to be supportive of my son. (She’s the stalker). But these are different circumstances.

In regards to the girl who broke off the engagement, the difference is that I would NEVER be able to treat someone that did nothing to me the way she has been treating my son. There is no way I would just call it off without explanation. I would never just cut them off the way she has. That would be cruel. The other person has no idea what is going on or if they did something wrong. In this case, she has put all the blame on herself without accepting it. I know he isn’t perfect, but just a few days before, she was still planning the wedding and seemed very happy about it.

I know you all are saying it’s happened before to many other people. It doesn’t make it right and I feel it is the coward’s way out. Stand up and take responsibility for your own actions. If you want consideration and understanding for yourself, own up to it. Period. Enough said.

The best thing that happened though? My son's buddy from Colorado will be here mid-
August. She is awesome. She's flown in for Amanda's funeral and again when my son graduated. She always comes when it's needed. Imagine that.

Tuesday Train Reminder!

Tomorrow will be the 2nd Tuesday Train edition! Please join us. I think it will be fun. The more the merrier as my mom always says and you may find some new friends along the way. Below is the button. Please take it with you for your post. The rules are simple. You only need to link up your blog. You do not need a specific post for this, but at least use the button on the post. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


In A Kingdom Far, Far Away

Since this is my fairy tale, be prepared, it will end the way I want it to. That means I’ll have the house I want, the man I want, and the life I want. Here goes.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I wish my life had turned out different. There would be some differences but I do not regret my life. If I had not married my husband, I would not have my 4 wonderful kids and that would be a horrible prospect for me. They are, in reality, my life. I’m not sure they truly understand that, but they will eventually. In addition, my youngest would never have had cancer but I would never have known her. She was also an awesome kid. I have included a picture of her here so you can enjoy her beautiful smile along with us who knew and loved her.

In Christy’s Kingdom, I would have a man who truly appreciates me. My husband thinks he knows me so well, but he makes assumptions about me that are so far off, I am in shock. His first reaction to anything I say is to think the worst of me. Because he does that, it just pisses me off and we spend a lot of time either angry or upset about it. How can you be with someone for that long and not really know who they are as a person? It boggles my mind to think that all these years have gone by and he thinks I’m out to take advantage or do him wrong. What amazes me even more is that he thinks he does everything right and does not take stock of himself. My opinion is that we all are human and we ALL make mistakes. So if he expects everyone around him to analyze their actions, he should not be self-righteous and say he doesn’t screw up. Right? You would think after all this time I would not be shocked, but I am still taken aback when he does it.

Christy’s Kingdom would also have a house that I had some say in. It would have bedrooms bigger than closets and the closets would be bigger than boxes. (And, no, I did not choose this house. It has an attached garage that’s almost as big as the house.) There is not enough room for my stuff.

The last part of Christy’s Kingdom would have to do with my career. I am in school working toward a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I would love to have a job that gave me great satisfaction, paid well enough for me to make decisions, and allowed me to live where I wanted to live. It would also give me the means to travel the way I want to, go to the places I want, and be on my travel schedule.

There you have it. I am at a place in my life where I don’t have small children in the house and am ready to find out about me. I put me aside for so many years to concentrate on kids, one of whom had serious medical issues, and am just now getting to the place where I think it might be time for me. I know that sounds selfish, but I don’t care. I have spent more than half my life doing for others and it’s time for me to have some things I want. So I’m going to take it. It may mean moving away from my kids because I cannot even get an interview in this area. I may have to go where the jobs are. It would be a new adventure for me that I will probably relish. I love change. It keeps things exciting, interesting, and most importantly, challenging. Give me a challenge and I am euphoric. You all wanted to hear this, didn’t you? I know you did. You live for my posts ‘cause you know I’m blunt and that is entertaining. myspace graphic comments

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Have You Ever Noticed?

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Have you ever noticed how people who stalk or talk about you behind your back can’t deal with the same treatment done to them? They can call people names, slam their looks, and tell lies about the person or family. Don’t point out their faults because that is not acceptable. They think you have no rights whatsoever. You are not allowed to disparage them in any way.

Do you know how they get to spout and not let you see what they are writing on their own blogs about you? They make their blogs so private it's only open by invitation. A very easy way out.

My mom always told me that the only reason people try to hurt you is because it’s the only way they can make themselves feel better. She’s right. I’m telling you, the haters hate themselves and have to strike out at everyone they feel is different than they are. Sometimes they feel like you owe them even when you don't.

I feel sorry for them, don’t you? myspace graphic comments

And now, for your friendly Fawk You Friday reminder. Please join us for the weekly hop that allows you to vent, rant, or generally rave, at the irritations you have during the week. We had 15 participants this past Friday and would like to encourage everyone to join this coming Friday. To get your button, go to Boobies, Babies, & A Blog where our most wonderful host will have it on her sidebar. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuesday Train Results

Hey folks! We had 7 passengers on the Tuesday Train. Not bad for the first trip. Hope I see you all there next Tuesday. The train will be departing at midnight. Come over and grab the button!

Lost Highways

Most of the time I post about the happenings around me in recent history. Well, when I first started this blog I posted a story I wrote for my English Comp class at school. It's a funny story that took place when I was 17. For those of you who know, that was 30 years ago. Don't think too hard about that now. Anyway........a few months ago I started writing stories about when my kids were little and posted them on my family blog at A Mad View. Please feel free to check that one out. It is actually a combined family blog with my photo blog. I decided to share this story again with my followers as I have gained some since then. I literally had one when this posted and it was my daughter. I hope you all enjoy it. And before you think it's some sappy story, remember I'm the president of the Sarcasm Club. It's called Lost Highways.

The summer between my junior and senior year of high school started out with great promise. I was in love. At least as much as a sixteen year old can be with her first true love, which really means out of this world. He was gorgeous with blond hair and blue eyes and drove a really cool car. I also had a job at the local McDonald’s that gave me extra spending money for all the important things we truly need to succeed in life. Those important things we all need were clothes, shoes, and gas money for my car. We spent every spare minute with friends just hanging out. The future was in the palm of my hand.

All of this wonderful euphoria was swept away two weeks after school was out when I came down with mononucleosis, the dreaded kissing disease. It is a miserable disease that robs innocent people of all energy and makes them feel like death warmed over. It kept me down for over a month but could not break me, and yet, it did nothing to prepare me for what fate and my mother had in store for me one week that summer.

My mother, bless her heart, decided we needed to take the annual family vacation to Opryland in Nashville, TN. “Beautiful country” was the phrase we kept hearing from her. She laid out the maps and very carefully pointed out the route she was proposing for the drive. She thought a scenic drive would be a wonderful experience. My father added his own ideas which meant historical sites. Since he majored in American History during college, it was not a major surprise when he decided to show us The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home.

Of course, being sixteen, I did not think it was going to be such a fun trip. We were not even close to middle class so the trip would be taken in the family car. Oh how dreadful does that sound to a teenager? That meant seven hundred miles each way with my parents, my three younger brothers, and my baby sister in one, two-door vehicle. We did not have air conditioning either, so that was something to look forward to. I am not sure if anyone truly understands the minds of young boys, but if they had to travel with them in rather confined spaces, I am quite confident that all of them would be institutionalized.

As the time drew near, I was still feeling weak from my mono ordeal, but I felt it would give me the excuse to not engage as much with my siblings. I could pretty much ride in silence and for the first hour of the trip, the boys kept fairly quiet. Then they became those creatures that should be locked away. There was the usual bathroom humor that all boys seem to find amusing. I believe there was even a conversation that ended up being a debate. I think it had something to do with nasal discharge and whether your body kept making more after you blew your nose or if you just emptied it out. I also cannot wipe away the memory of that awful stench that was coming from the back seat. We discovered the boys had taken off their shoes.

Keep in mind that this happened in 1979. There are things you will no longer see in the backwoods of Kentucky and Tennessee. As we arrived at the border between Illinois and Kentucky, we realized there was a very large difference in the scenery. We saw more hills and hollers, (as they say in the south), and more old shacks along the road. My mother often commented on the air conditioners jutting out of the shacks right next to a hole in the same wall. The farther into Kentucky we pushed, the denser the woods surrounding the highway became. At times, it seemed like it was closer to dusk even though it was the middle of the day. That is when we started noticing something really strange.

It seemed there had been an explosion of outhouses. Past every bend and turn there was an outhouse. They were made of all different types of material. There were ones of wood, metal, and even some that were plastic. From their appearance, some had been there for many years. Others looked as though they had been freshly whitewashed. It was very odd. For the rest of the way to Nashville, we saw all manner of outhouses. Of course, my brothers caught on to that very quickly. “There’s another one!” was a frequent phrase uttered in the car.

The farther we drove, the more we saw. There was so much jockeying for position it felt like we were the latest craze. We would have given the Rubik’s cube a run for its money. Every bathroom break was an argument to see who would occupy the window seats. We even argued over whether Mom could get a window seat. This game was so much more exciting than finding all the license plates with different states on them. We had no idea how diabolical my mother could be.

That following weekend we took a different set of highways home and had the most hilarious time we could have ever imagined. We excitedly got in the car for the long ride and could not wait to get started. The arguments for position had already started. The second we got away from the metropolis of Nashville, we were looking for outhouses of all shapes, sizes, and age. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. What a trip that was.

As children, we do not understand the significance of the experiences we have. We only know we had fun during that particular excursion or it was the worst time we had. Growing up and having families of our own gives us some insight into what pure joy really is. Pure joy is moments. It is always those few moments when children find humor and happiness in the simplest of times. I discovered it was traveling lost highways and finding outhouses. myspace graphic comments

Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Me Friday And Two Four-Letter Words


I know what you’re thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter. Since I know some of my followers, I know that’s what you’re thinking. See, I’m smarter than I look. Oh yeah, you don’t know what I look like. Ok. Take my word for it then. I am smarter than I look. And since I’m REALLY, REALLY smart, I must be somewhat good looking. I know it’s only my opinion, but this is my blog so my stories go the way I want them to go.

I spent last week in its entirety with people who think the words “stupid” and “idiot” are to be used daily and often. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I abhor those words. They are so derogatory to the people they are aimed at it is repugnant to me they have ever been considered part of the human language. I’m sure there are words with those meanings in all languages across the world.

These words should be four-letter words. I know that we all have people we have met or even have to spend time with that we feel are beneath us. It’s human nature to feel that way. No one looks at the same thing the exact same way. Not everyone has a genius IQ either. So does that mean we are to constantly use words that have a severely negative connotation to them about anyone who doesn’t look at life the same way we do? The answer is NO!!!

What makes this world absolutely wonderful is the fact we are different. I relish differences. I pick on specific instances of ridiculous behavior. I don’t use words that children have used on a classmate to make them feel bad. Are we back in 3rd grade again? Are these the only words you can use to denigrate another person? My 24 year old son whispered to me after one of those many comments about someone being “stupid”, “That is a terrible word. I don’t like it.” (I did teach him something).

Let’s face it. If we were all the same, I wouldn’t have anything to bitch about then. And that would be a travesty of monumental proportion. Then all of my wonderful fans would not be the beneficiaries of my wonderful wit and insight. Now THAT would be a crime. myspace graphic comments

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anonymous Comments Friday Follow Me


Apparently, someone can criticize but not leave their name. I am referring to a comment left on my blog that goes like this….” Its not human nature for anyone to think or say, others are "beneath us" actually its just wrong. and the way you talk about others on your blog, the words "stupid" and "idiot" wouldn't be as harsh..... thats what my cry baby whiny assed opinion is!"

The problem here is simple. I am relatively sure I know who left this and she is too cowardly to leave her name. When I leave a comment, I am adult enough to leave my name along with the comment. And just in case someone is wondering, I DO NOT comment on your blog so don’t comment on mine. I don't care about yours! Grow up! Get a life and leave me alone! Turnabout is fair play and if you can’t handle it, don’t come back! This just proves you are a stalker.

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Fawk You Friday!

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Another Fawk You Friday is upon us. I’m trying to come up with an actual Fawk You but it isn’t easy. I got my house back, I got my bed back, and I’m not walking on eggshells every day. The a/c is actually working now! So there are fewer irritations this week than last. I’ll give it my best shot though. I do want to say a big, WELCOME BACK to our lovely hostess at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog! I’m so glad you’re back!

Now you know the rules. Follow the hostess and link up the actual post for Fawk You Friday. Then just have some fun hopping around and checking out everyone’s blog. Remember, the goal is to make new friends, so be nice. Not on the post. I know you thought that’s what I meant. Get it together people! So here’s my list for the week.

Fawk You to Congress. Because they have to do everything the hard way, MY UNEMPLOYMENT HAS RUN OUT!!!

Fawk You to whatever bug has decided it likes me. I just haven’t felt right FOR DAYS!!!

Fawk You to my internet that messes up EVERY TIME WE GET STORMS!!! I can’t do ANYTHING!!!

And again…….

Fawk You to the LIAR! Yes, she’s at it again. Her posts are geared toward irritating us or my son. Of course, he’s happy he doesn’t have to deal with her. She IS FORCED to go through me or my daughter. Neither one of those options are her favorite either because we don’t take shit from her. She no longer has direct access to him. Poor baby! myspace graphic comments


Fawk You Friday is tomorrow! I hope to see all of you there.

On The River

I’m sure you all know by now that my in-laws were here last week. It was a very stressful time for me, but at least part of it was spent on the river. We have a houseboat that has been a gathering place for several family outings. My mother-in-law loves being on the water so we took a couple evening cruises and on Saturday all the kids were able to come with us. That meant we also got a couple of grandkids with us. Now, that’s fun. I’m just sharing some photos I took during the week. It includes of couple of sunset pictures that I just love.

Most of these were taken from the water. A couple of them were taken from the sandbar we beached on. I just thought I’d share a little with everyone. I love being out on the water almost as much as I love taking photos. It’s very relaxing for me when I’m not under duress. LOL! Maybe I’ll share more of my photos one of these days. Until then, enjoy the ones here.

Hopefully there will be no stalker here. She seems to find her way into every post me or my daughter makes. It gets bad. What I find odd is that she likes to make comments about my fat ass or seeing whales in the Mississippi and she's the largest of us all. Hmmmm??!! Now does that sound normal to you? It sure as hell doesn't to me. Oh well, she's the one with the mental issues. Now on to other business.

Don't forget about Fawk You Friday this week! Our fearless leader at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog should be back in fine form and we'll keep going.