Friday, June 11, 2010

What Really Ticks Me Off

Most of my ramblings would give you the idea that I have a rather negative view on life. I want to set you straight right now. I do not look at life as a victim. I look at life as a gift. You will see the four reasons why in the pictures that will accompany this post. Let me explain.

I have four kids, two girls and two boys. My oldest is 26 and has her own little girl now who just turned 2. My boys, twins, are now 24 and have their own lives. One has no children and the other has 4. He has had his problems over the last few years, but he is getting there. Unfortunately, one of the exes causes many problems and we don’t get to see those kids very often. This brings us to the youngest of mine.

Our youngest was a beautiful girl who was a pistol from the start. She was the surprise child. (She’s the one in the cowboy hat). When she was almost 2, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She subsequently had 2 surgeries to remove it and 2 years later, had another one followed by radiation therapy. Less than a year after that, she came down with viral encephalitis which left her semi comatose. It took her some time to come out of that and she was left with very little language skills, but she made up for it with personality. She had also lost her ability to walk and ended up in a wheelchair. She had frequent seizures which took forever to get under control with meds and had 2 strokes during that time. Despite all this, she had an attitude that kept her from being unhappy. She always wanted to laugh, joke, and just enjoy everything.

Unfortunately, we were not able to keep her forever. She lost her battle to a tumor, 12 years after radiation treatment. Her loss was more than can be put in words. My surviving kids were devastated. She was the baby and they worshipped the ground she “walked” on. I went to bed for almost 2 years because of it. But I learned from it.

I learned that you CANNOT let life put you in a hole. There is a lot of crap that happens to us in life. And it’s usually more than the good stuff. We are aggravated every day with little things. It can be someone cutting you off in traffic, to your pen running out of ink when you’re trying to sign your name to a check. (Of course, who uses checks much anymore?) I get irritated with not being able to set something down without it falling over. Some people have been through so many things, like abuse, verbal, sexual, or physical. There are bad people out there who need to be locked away for life, but that is another post.

It is non-stop! I am not alone in this. Everyone goes through it which means you are not alone. The facts are simple. If you let it take you down you will be a miserable person your entire life. You will always be a person with your glass half empty and only see the negative side of anything you look at. There’s the problem.

How can someone recognize what is truly important if they have a clouded view of life? The answer is they can’t. They will never realize that just enjoying a really nice day is something to treasure. A child’s discovery of a dandelion is an awesome thing to behold. Their laugh can be more infectious than the worst pandemic. The way they look at you can make you the most important person in the universe.

Constant negativity breeds more negativity. You can only see the bad side of things. It pisses me off to hear someone complain about something constantly. I may rant on here, but I do know what’s important. Life is what you make of it. Isn’t it more fun to smile and laugh?

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