Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Books Do You Read? Or Do You Read?

Anything Stephen King, although I have one of his not read. Same with Dean Koontz as I have one of his I haven’t read either. School has kept me too busy and I temporarily lost the urge to dive in to a book. Needless to say, I have a few that have been purchased and not read. I would consider that a shame, but I know they will be there when I’m ready to start reading again.

I’ve never really understood how people don’t get into books. No matter what genre you like, delving into a book is such an escape. If you like non-fiction and love books about Queen Victoria or Henry VIII’s wives, you can lose yourself in that time period. If you like science fiction, you can picture yourself with all the gadgets they must have. Maybe you’re one of those who LOVE the romance books. You are temporarily swept off your feet by some dashing, muscled, rogue. Now who doesn’t have that fantasy?

I do have some questions about the genres that people choose. I can’t do the post without some curiosity as to why someone chooses the types of book they read. We’ll start with science fiction. It is possibly the one I least understand. I just can’t get into the whole concept. Strange beings from outer space, very strange pieces of technology, and weird happenings are things I don’t understand. I just can’t get into it. I suppose if I could find a really good murder mystery in space, I’d be all for it. The odd part of it is, I loved the original “Star Wars” trilogy and “2001: A Space Odyssey” and they continue to be some of my all-time favorite movies. It’s just the books I don’t get.

Now, I’ll take on the romance novels. I admit it. I read them voraciously when I was younger. Then I grew up! The handsome stranger does not ride in on the white horse (or drive in with the white sports car). It isn’t all bubbly, cuddly, mind-blowing, off the charts romance, and everything is hunky dory! So they don’t do anything for me anymore. Sorry to the girls who love them but the fairy tale doesn’t usually last that long.

Comic books are another issue with me. Since they are mainly cartoons, they don’t really count in my book. I mean, seriously, there isn’t much to read. It’s like saying rap “music”. Really? There is no music in rap. They just talk in rhythm. You know it’s true.

Non-fiction books are hit and miss for me. My favorite non-fiction book would have to be Anne Frank’s Diary. I was mesmerized as a kid with that one. The second favorite would be “Undaunted Courage” by Stephen Ambrose. That’s the story of Lewis and Clark. There may be an underlying reason these are my two favorites. They are tales of adventure, danger, and discovery. Those are my absolute downfall in books.

I love an adventure and since I can’t live one every day, I read about them. Murder mysteries, action adventures, and thrillers are the bomb. I love Clive Cussler, Catherine Coulter, Stephen King, James Rollins, Preston/Child, and Dean Koontz. They all write slightly different types of books, but they all have intrigue and some type of danger. (In my alternate life, I am an international spy. Yeah, really).

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  1. I love love love non-fiction. A good recommendation is Sixtyfive Roses. Tearjerker and really really good!

  2. I'm a librarian so I love love books! Ha, mainly science fiction, love the imagination that goes into it. And...I specialize in graphic novels and manga (japanese comics). So I'll try and at least convince you that they are in fact books.

    You read pictures differently than you read prose. Comics are a blend of scripts and artwork. You have to learn to read both of those things at the same time and that's harder than you might think. After all a character might say something but a drawn line above the eye will let you know he's lying. There's also the space inbetween panels, you have to read that white space too. Anyway, I guess I'm saying it's not like reading prose but it's still very much 'reading'. And if you compare you'll realize that much of the writing that's dropped in comic books are flimsy words anyway, much of the 'meat' is still there.

    Love Stephen King but really did not like the latest Under the Dome. Did you read it?

    Love the Odd Thomas books.

    I also like realistic fantasy.

  3. I read a little of everything & I read A LOT -
    Fantasy - I love the magic & the "what if" factor. How cool would it be to be able to do magic, or to have a dragon as your best friend - nobody would fuck with you.
    Historical Fiction & Non-Fiction - I'm a little pickier here, I get irritated when my historical fiction is not plausible or dates are wrong, and I really only do pre-1900 for my non-fiction.
    Mysteries - only if they're seriously good.
    Romance & general fiction I can't handle.

  4. I am not stuck to a particular genre (although, I too, have no use for the too-sweet romance novels) - but I am a sucker for a creative book jacket.
    I am reading Under the Dome right now (actually my first SK book in a long time) and am really enjoying it. I have to put it down for a few days though, because there is no way I am lugging the 1000 page mammoth on holidays with me! I'd have to pay for overweight luggage!