Monday, June 21, 2010

To All The Haters Out There

One of the blogs I follow was recently attacked over an ingredient she uses in a recipe. She’s been using the same ingredient for years and got the recipe from her grandmother. For crying out loud! What difference is it to anyone else what ingredient she uses? IT’S HER RECIPE!!! And what happened to just being nice to people? Since when was it ok to blast someone else for an ingredient on the person’s own blog? Then hijack it to yours and not let the person defend herself? What a low down, cowardly thing to do.

And let me tell her that when she messes with a genteel, southern lady, she best be prepared. They are NOT to be messed with. Trust me, I know. They have ways of making you suffer. All the haters out there better watch out. You will get yours.

Everyone use this Friday to vent on all the people or things you want to with Fawk You Friday. Something tells me Miss Know It All will be included on mine.

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  1. Did you ever know that you're my hero? You are the wind beneath my!

  2. I mean was her ingredient children? Who the heck would start a controversy over a casserole...Crap it was that Rachel Ray again, huh? OK, I really do want the dirt but I couldn't resist to poke fun!

  3. She didn't tell us Donda, but it could be Rachael, You never know!

  4. That's crazy!! What was the ingredient?? Dog?? Jackass??

  5. I'll tell you the ingredient, since it was this "horrible" comment that started the whole thing - hang on to your hats:

    "Minus the citron and nuts, this is my grandmother's recipe. She started making these cookies in 1942 or 43 from a recipe she found in a cookbook she checked out of the library. I'm confused about the comment/note on corn syrup. Maybe it's a Southern thing but I've used Karo Corn Syrup my entire cooking life, and my mother and grandmothers before me. Does simple syrup really make a good substitute? If so, it would be nice to know in a pinch if I'm ever out of Karo."

    What was I thinking?