Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Impatience Of Strangers

On my way back from Walmart today, I stopped at one of the local gas stations. Here in Wisconsin we have a chain of them that produce their own dairy products. It’s mostly milk, but they also carry some produce. It is much less expensive than even Walmart can be. I pulled out of the parking lot, moved over the lane I needed to be in and turned on my signal to let the car behind me know I was going to be slowing down. As I started to slow down, I looked in the rear view mirror, like I always do, and the guy has his hand up with this annoyed look on his face. I’ve given him plenty of time to realize I’m turning and he has to be annoyed. There are two lanes going one way on that part of the road. Complete impatience on his part obviously.

It reminded me of the time I was standing in line at the grocery store, and I was the one being checked out by the cashier. There was an older lady behind me who apparently was getting impatient with the time it was taking. (I only had about 10 items.) Most of you know that when you use your debit or credit card you also must sign your name and these days it’s on the little machine. My signature never looks right either. Anyway, it DOES NOT MOVE!!! You have to sign your name and there is only one place to do that. I was in the middle of my signature when the lady rammed her cart into my ankle! Not only did she realize she had done that, she did not apologize. She just looked at me. No smile, no sorry, no nothing.

I swear that some people get up in the morning just to find a way to irritate me.

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