Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soundtrack Of My Life

The challenge for me today was to find songs that mean something to me and explain why that is. So here goes. I will try to do my best. These will not be in any particular order.

1. “Gimme Three Steps” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This one is a cute story. I have mentioned this one in a previous post. It is the only song one of my boys would sing with me in the car. But he sang with gusto the chorus of the song. I loved it!
2. “The Addams Family” from the tv show. Definitely for my other son. He is my funny man. He’s the joker that just lives for a laugh and he has given me many over the years. This song makes me laugh just like he does. I get to sing it to him when he calls. Luckily that’s often.
3. “Suds In The Bucket” by Sara Evans and “Meet In The Middle” by Diamond Rio. This first always reminds me of the fact that my daughter, at the tender age of 18, left here to move back to Leadville. I even made her sing it for karaoke one night. She did without complaining. The second is the one she used to love to sing in the car with me when they were kids. She knew all the words.
4. “I’m Already There” by Lonestar. I always think of Amanda when the words are “I’m the whisper in the wind, I’m your imaginary friend” I just always think of her being the shadow on the ground. So, yeah, that’s it.
5. Anything by the Bee Gees. Why, you ask? “Saturday Night Fever” was the first R rated movie I saw. I loved John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino, but he was more than awesome as Tony Minero.
6. “You Can’t Take The Honky Tonk” by Brooks and Dunn. That’s pretty self explanatory. I’m still the tomboy at heart. Give me a great pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I’m good to go.
7. “Suspicious Minds” by The King. I remember sitting in the car with an 8-track player and Elvis’ Greatest Hits and singing away. My baby brother loved Elvis.
8. “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts. My grandson loves the movie “Cars”. His bed is a Lightning McQueen bed and even at the tender age of 4 (almost 5), he collects all the different Lightning McQueen cars. If it comes on in the car, he tells me to turn it up.
9. “Let Me Be Myself” by 3 Doors Down. I just always wish that I could be me no matter who I’m with. It never seems to happen that way, so I love this song.
10. “In My Life” by George Harrison. The message is that everyone we meet and love throughout our life affects in some way. We touch each other in many ways and this song just reinforces that.

So there you have it. As you will notice, my kids have all their own songs. My daughter may not think that’s the one for her, but I know she’ll understand why. She probably thought I would pick the “Hairbrush Song” by Larry the Cucumber. That one was more for her and Amanda. I was trying to give each one of them their own. The soundtrack of my life seems to revolve around how I feel about other people. Amazing isn’t it?

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  1. 5. SNF may not have been my first R-rated movie (my parents took the whole family to Blazing Saddles) but it was the first R-rated movie I was ever turned down for a ticket at the box office. That was a very big movie for me... I was 16 and taking my gf to the movie and we got carded. It was so embarrassing.

    I think my mom ended up taking us both, the next weekend.