Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So my friend, who calls herself A Little Too Crazy To Be Cool, (and she ain’t lying), decided to shower me with accolades for my “hissy fit” by giving me….another award. (Dripping with sarcasm). Thank you so much. Let me proceed with my duties that have been bestowed upon me.

The rules:
1. Thank the one that gave it to you.
2. Write my blog philosophy, motivation, experience in five words.
3. Pass along to 10 bloggers.

Here are my 5 words:
1. Sarcasm – I live for it.
2. Retribution – I live for it.
3. Bitching- I live for it.
4. Feedback – I live for it.
5. Realism – I live for it.

Since Miss Cathy has so graciously changed the rules for me, I am changing it for the next recipients also. I am only passing it on to 4, yes count them, 4, bloggers. They will be so ecstatic I can hear them now. And here they are.
1. Free To Be Mommy
2. Ponderings Of A Crazy Mama
3. Just Thinkin’
4. View From The Shoe

Now for a special award just for my buddy, Cathy. I really hope she feels like the queen of bloggers with this one. She is the deserving recipient of a brand new, just off the presses, highly thought of, most sought after award. Rumor has it that Ashton Kutcher was hoping there would be one for “Twitterers”. Well, I’m sorry to say that Ashton will be sorely disappointed. Let’s get this shindig in gear, shall we?

The rules for this award are simple. Accept it with grace and a smile. Then, pass it on to another blogger you feel is worthy of this award and who will also ensure that it will always be held by someone who truly deserves the honor. Here you go Cathy. Here’s your award.



  1. Love the one of a kind award. She will be honored. So honored... and it comes with a crown?! Bonus!

  2. and at first? i thought you were callin me a "pretentious penman" and i was gonna be so offended. but? then i realized? i could be a pretentious snob if i had to. so? thanks either way!