Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading Update

I was very pleasantly surprised by the comments about the reading post. I was right about the passion for reading. Bully for me!  Avid readers will have that passion for their genre and I am one of those people. Believe me when I say I am not putting anyone down for their particular genre. I truly applaud anyone who reads anything. I don’t care if it’s just the newspaper. Reading is something everyone should do every day, in my opinion.

Non-fiction, I must say can be a difficult choice for me. If the book is about someone who is chronically ill, I have a very hard time reading it. It is especially trying when it involves a child. That would hit too close to home for me. It would explain why I choose true stories that don’t involve health issues. But I do like to read non-fiction.

When it comes to comics or graphic novels, I think I know why they can be a problem for me. And it’s actually a simple one. I have found that my imagination is the best part of my reading experience. It’s like when they turn a really good novel into a movie. There is no way that movie will ever be as good as my imagination. You cannot put in a movie the descriptive words that are found in books. There are very few examples of truly successful books being made into a great movie. I grew up with Nancy Drew books and I became Nancy when I read them. So I am not the visual person that will really enjoy comics or graphic novels.

With fantasy, it’s hard for me to say. I really have only read a couple books of fantasy and those were part of the Harry Potter series. I was a personal aid for a young lady at the high school. She absolutely LOVED Harry Potter. Because she couldn’t read herself, I read them to her. I enjoyed that, but I suspect it had more to do with her reactions to it than my own. Those are the only ones I have read. I have not picked up another one. It just doesn’t pull me. I think it may have something to do with the fact that it isn’t my first love.

Historical fiction is an odd thing for me. Most of the time I would never pick one up, but one of my favorite, favorite authors is Clive Cussler. He writes a detective character that is based in the early 1900’s and I absolutely love that series. The thing is, it’s the only historical fiction I seem to be drawn to. That may have more to do with Cussler’s writing style though. It has mystery, murder, and thriller all rolled into one which adds to the pull for me.

I will always be a Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Rollins and Preston/Child fan. They usually deal with subjects a little out of the realm of “normal”. My favorite book of all time is “The Stand”. Talk about the ultimate war of good vs. evil. I have “Under The Dome” but have not read it as I have been busy with school. That usually takes away from my reading urge. I’m still secretly hoping for more of Odd Thomas, but I don’t think that’s coming. What draws me most of the time though are murder mysteries. Anything by John Sanford, Catherine Coulter, and Dennis Lehane will catch my eye very quickly. The thrill of the hunt is such a rush for me.

The question has come up again about how to join in the Fawk You Friday blog hop. I am including the button with this post again for anyone who needs to find it. Click on the button and you will be taken to our host site at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog. Scroll down a little ways and on the right side of the screen, you will find the html to include in your post. Go back to your blog and place it at the top of the post you will use to enter the hop. Make your post tomorrow morning then click on the title of that post. After you do that, go back to our hostess’s site and that will be the address you need to enter into the McLinky. And don’t forget to remove the http:// before you paste your address in. I promise it will give you an error. I know from past experience. LOL! That will enter you into the hop and you can hop to your heart’s content. I know I do. Have fun with it!

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  1. Do you read Patricia Cornwell? I like her mysteries.