Monday, June 28, 2010

LMAO Award


Yes, another award. I can hear all you out there, big sighs and all. Let me reassure you that this is a special one, designed by me, begun by me, and most important of all, I can do what I want. It is my blog. Deal with it.

You see, I’ve seen a lot of the other awards out there and I have been the recipient of a couple. What I realized was, we were lacking a specific award for “Just Plain Funny”. I came up with one. It’s called the LMAO Award. The rules are simple. It is given to one recipient that made me LMAO for a certain post. They must then pass it on to another blogger who had one post that made them LMAO. Hopefully it will continue.

Here is our first honoree, A Perfectly Unperfect Girl, for her description of her stalker in last Friday’s Fawk You post. Check it out for yourself. Here it is. Very descriptive and I had to read it more than twice because I kept laughing. Enjoy it, come over and grab the button yourself to pass it on. And, please, find us a good one. I love to laugh.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!! I love the Fawk you Fridays, too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Next time you come by go to my Awards Cloud and grab the "You Rock" Award. It's the first one! Hope your week is great!