Sunday, June 6, 2010


If you follow this blog, you already know how opinionated I am. I pretty much tend to speak my mind. I try to do it without name calling as I think that is very gutter-like, which is also why I don’t use foul language. I don’t have as much of a problem with the language as I do the name calling though. Let’s face it, sometimes we just want to say, “I’m pissed”, or “I was just treated like shit”. Have at it for those.

Name calling for me is at best a double edged sword. There are times when I want to call the female that is really irritating me a bitch, but I usually refrain. I NEVER use the “c word” as I feel that is an insult to all women. There is one person I would like to call a few names, but I choose to be better than she is.

Here are my thoughts on my son’s former girlfriend. They have two kids together that I don’t know very well. I started this post another day and I thought I would share today since I’m on a rant about people in general. Enjoy! Just remember the end does not always justify the means.

I am always amazed by how some people justify their actions. To them it is okay to keep property that is not theirs because they feel they are owed everything. What they do not realize is they are going after the wrong person. In this case, they feel that after giving them a place to live, rent free, that I still owe them. What do I owe them? I cannot control the person she wants me to control, but she insists on holding me responsible for everything. Why? She has serious mental issues that need to be addressed and her family only encourages her to continue the destructive behavior. She will ruin the kids because of this. They will grow up with the same problems. They will steal, lie, and malign those who do not follow their exact wishes. I feel very sad for them. Time will tell and prove me right, I’m afraid.

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