Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Write Because I Can

Yes, I think I’m a decent writer, but the fact is, I write because I have blogs. Yes, you heard me I have the plural of blog. I have one at that is a photo blog. There is also the family friendly one, mostly my family, at I use it to update for the family that lives far, far away. Like 460 miles away. There is only so much they can take when I am ranting.

I have to blame one of my profs for the writing obsession. She loved my narrative stories I wrote for class because I tried to infuse humor into them. There is usually something that struck me as funny during most of the memories I have of my childhood and when mine were little. I kind of like to laugh and enjoy things so I figure there is something amusing in almost everything we do. Why not write about it?

I wrote and rewrote so many times I found out I loved the process of it. Making sure the wording was just right, the sly humor was so sly, and the story was memorable. I started looking for excuses to write. That’s how the first one came about. Then I rediscovered the reason I love my camera. The photo blog was born.

But there was still something lacking. I had ideas about people and happenings that I couldn’t publish on the blog because I would have caused several heart attacks in my family. You see, I’m not like them. I have ideas they wouldn’t understand. My political views are too liberal for them. (Hence, the myocardial infarctions concern.) I also talk about some of them in this blog. Oops! That just would not do.

So this is my rant blog. This is my place to air my feelings about anybody and everybody no matter who they are. Of course, my kids probably won’t be on here, because they really don’t irritate me too much anymore. They’re older now and I find them most amusing and fun to be around.

That isn’t the same with in-laws. I have only one sister-in-law who has always been a huge support for me. She’s great. The rest of them are different. There have been instances of friction. And they weren’t so pretty either. You will probably meet them here at some point or other. There is also the occasional person in the other car, the cashier who doesn’t know how to be a least decent, or someone I just run into on the street. It can also be the electronic equipment that doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do. You never know.

So be prepared. I will be blunt but I don’t use a lot of bad language. You just may hear something……funny. But I guarantee there will be a rant.

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