Friday, June 25, 2010

I Warned You!

I did. I know I did. I am writing about one of my Fawk You points of contention. This one is beyond my comprehension because it’s just plain laziness. Yes, I have accused someone of laziness. What the hell? Is it really that hard to throw your dirty clothes or towel down a laundry chute that is exactly 48 INCHES AWAY? Yeah, here’s the proof.


  1. LOL That bathroom looks familiar :P

  2. haha.. i'm glad you took the time to measure the distance. something i would do.
    my husband habit is taking his socks off at the door which are disgustingly dirty and covered in mud and grass and sweat from his work boots.. and just leaves them there for all to witness coming in the door. so what do i do now? 1. i let the dog take them and destroy them and 2. i pick them up and either chuck them in his garage on his work bench or i throw them in his truck.
    he'll figure it out eventually. or i'll make him eat them one day.

    thanks for following me! i'm happy to be honored a true fawk friday participant!

  3. I HATE that!! Or when they put dirty dishes next to the sink, or garbage on the counter next to the trash can!!
    I understand leaving dishes/garbage/laundry in another room where they don't belong, but if you have walked your happy ass ALL the way to the kitchen why can't you take that one extra step to the sink/garbage can!?!?

  4. Hello I'm Miss! Thanks so much for finding and following me! After just reading this first post I know we're gonna get along like PB&J! Hi....I'm your new follower!

  5. Ugh my hubby does the same thing! He leaves his dirty clothes right in front of the hamper for me to trip over! Is it really that hard to put them in the hamper?!?
    Have a great weekend!!