Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Your Lists Ready!

It is that simple. Make a list. Don’t we do that every day for some reason or other? I know you can do it. In fact, I’m challenging you to do it. I write about things that irritate me every day and since I am not someone who usually dwells on the negative, I know there are things that irk you to no end. Little pet peeves are things all of us have. They don’t have to be filled with nasty hatred or with foul language vitriolic nonsense, they just need to be written and posted.

I have heard that some people have decided not to participate because they feel it is not a nice hop to join. I think those folds are people who really don’t get the message behind it. It is a way to vent without being totally being jerks. We can air those little things that make us want to strangle someone or something without going to jail. Yeah! That’s possible to do! Ranting is your friend. Trust me, I know this for fact. Psychiatrists even think it is good for the emotional health of all of us. Imagine that!

To help us out, just click on the button here and you will be able to get that same button for your post on Friday. Please remember to use that post when linking to the hop. And make sure you let us know what or who is driving you crazy this week. I’ll see you there!

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