Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fawk U Friday Too!

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This is my first Fawk You Friday. I’m so excited. I want to welcome all you new people to this blog. Please enjoy yourself, comment about anything, and follow if you like. I look forward to it. Here are my “Fawk you’s for the week.

Fawk you to the city I live in. I pay taxes and fees for trash pickup and you can’t get that accomplished. There is a real problem when you have to call them every single week.
Fawk you to people who want to blame everyone else for their problems. You can’t take responsibility for anything so you blame others who don’t owe you anything. I would post your picture, but I am a better person than you.
Fawk you to anyone who lives in negativity. What gets accomplished by feeling sorry for yourself? What do you think it does to those around you?
Fawk you to people who feel they have to control my life. I am an intelligent person who can make reasonable decisions on her own. What gives you the right to control my entire life?
Fawk you to the economy which continues to mess with my life.

Come back any time!

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