Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does Moss Really Grow On A Turtle?

At one time I would have said no. But after finding this guy one day, I took that back. I really don’t think he won the race with the hare. How slow could he have been going? The hare must have died of old age and that’s why the tortoise won.

As he slowly made his way toward the finish line, the tortoise could sense victory. Far ahead in the distance he could barely discern the outline of his arch enemy. He knew that the hare took frequent breaks as a way of teasing him and giving him false hope. He didn’t keep track of how many times the hare stopped in front of him. He just knew it gave him a little more time in the quest to win the race. There was something he was not aware of though. It happened during the last break the hare had taken. The hare finally took his last breath. What the tortoise could not see was that rigor mortis was setting into the body of the ancient hare. The race had been going on for so long the hare had reached the end of his life cycle. By the time the tortoise reached the remains of the hare, it was but a shell. And the tortoise had moss growing on his back.


  1. He must be a senior citizen turtle to have that much moss on him. Poor old guy. =]

  2. Beautiful! That was always one of my favorite fables, and this worked out wonderfully!