Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Certain People Think I'm A Bitch....In Person

And why I do not know. I do not call people names. When something is said to me, I do my best to absorb it before I say anything. I choose to not react to what I hear or see. I do this because I feel the other person deserves the opportunity to speak and be heard. Apparently, when in person, asking a question about the situation is considered being a bitch. How dare I even ask a question about the situation! The reaction is not that I am trying to figure anything out it’s that I am being a bitch because I do not want to do something for them. Always thing the worst first, yeah, that breeds loyalty and respect and love.

I can’t understand. Those who automatically think the worst of everyone around them will grow old and be alone because no one will want to be around them. I know I don’t. It’s just amazing to me that the person who is supposed to know me the best chooses to think I’m just a bitch.

Here’s to all the rest of you who need to vent a little. Join us on Friday so you too can say Fawk You to everyone who disses you.

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  1. I have that problem.. people read too much into actions, like if you do something nice there must be an ulterior motive.. maybe that's true for other people, but if I do somethingnice for someone, I'm just being nice.