Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Bone

Here’s a question. Why are there so many recipients for one award? Would it be more special if only 1 person was honored and then passed it on to one other honoree? I’m going to say yes. Of course you knew that as soon as I “opened my mouth”.

Some of the awards require them to be passed on to 10 other bloggers. That is a problem for me. I only have 58 followers, as of this writing. I have received 3 awards in the last week or two and none of them have less than 3 I have to pass on. It makes it very difficult for me to pass on that many. All I’m accomplishing is going ‘round and ‘round with the awards. They just come back to me.

I propose that we change this. The rules need to be changed to allow for people to make a single distinction of excellence. This way others who have small followings are not bombarded by multiple awards where they have to figure out whom to pass it on to. I really appreciate the ones I have received I’m just trying to make it easier for those of us with fewer followers.

Now you can slam me if you want. 

1 comment:

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you (as long as that 1 awardee rhymes with ME) but seriously. I was just telling Booby this morning I got a 3rd award... Suddenly they all appear lame and oh, I don't know like do the Hollywood stars need THAT many fuckin award shows? And who are we kidding really? It's like passing on VD among a group of wife swappers... 1 award, 1 awardee. That should be the new rule...

    p.s. I agree with Holly, the word "bone" is an awesome marketing strategy, kudos on you!