Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Sea Of Conservatives

I have been attending college online since May, 2008. I am almost done with my Associate’s degree and the class I’m in now is Speech. I’ve already given my informative speech and in a couple of weeks I’ll be giving my persuasive speech. I feel more confident giving a speech I get to be really passionate about. There is one caveat though. I found out I’m in a class of conservatives who have their heads in the sand.

Our discussion post this week was to choose a persuasive speech and critique it. I googled persuasive speeches and chose one by a woman who spoke at the Gay Rights March on Washington D.C. in 1993. I am not a lesbian but the speaker was and I found the speech very moving. She didn’t just talk about gays and lesbians, she included all who were discriminated against and I felt did it very well.

I ran into a rather strange situation though. Not one person has commented on my post. Now I have commented on all others, even though I do not agree with some of their opinions. It is required that we all comment on other’s posts. How small minded are they? Everyone else has been commented on except me. I find that extremely rude and they should open their minds.

I consider myself a “Progressive Independent” politically. I think everyone should have choices and we should not dictate who gets certain rights. If a gay couple wants to marry, I say, good for them. They are making a commitment. Who am I to say that someone should be forced to have a child when I don’t know the situation they are in at the time? It is appalling to me think that because someone has a different opinion they are made out to be pariahs.

I say, “Get your heads out of the sand and live in the real world”. Not everyone is the same and thank goodness for that.

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